You can love it or hate it, but there’s no doubt that TikTok is a bottomless well of knowledge and fun content about anything you can think of. Yes, the popular video platform is a great place to find inspiration for recipes for the holidays, or just to have a laugh, but did you ever consider it for learning Spanish? 

The great thing about TikTok is that is quick (most content is under a minute), and fun, and you most likely already spend a ton of time on it. So why not take advantage of the platform and have some fun mejorando tu Español?

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Whether you want to improve your grammar, learn slang, or get your conversation to the next level, here are some of the best accounts for Spanish students and Spanish lovers all over the world: 

Fast and easy

@speakspanishfaster is a great account for learning helpful everyday tips about actually using the Spanish you learned in school. For example, did you ever think of the different ways of saying “I’m sorry” in Spanish? In under one minute, you can learn, for example, how “lo siento” is not always your best bet when you want to say sorry. This teacher shares great keys like this one to make sure you speak correctly and sound fluent.

And that’s what happened to the account’s creator, Rocky Rodriguez. Even though he is Puerto Rican, he didn’t grow up speaking Spanish. After being made fun of while on a trip to the island when he was 14 years old, he decided he would become fluent in his family’s language and succeeded! Now that he is completely fluent, he teaches others to do the same.

The Gates Familia

@TheGatesFamilia is so many families in the US. This account follows a Spanish-English-speaking family (Peruvian wife and American husband) that lives a very bilingual life.

From dancing salsa with the kids to #marriedlife tips, their videos are just as hilarious and sweet as they are helpful for anyone practicing Spanish. Especially if you are in a multilingual relationship!

Learn from a speech expert

The creator behind @theblackspeechie is a bilingual speech pathologist and a linguistics lover. And besides being hilarious, her videos cover super interesting issues such as “gender in Spanglish,” and anything in the intersection of language, race and identity.

Back to school


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♬ original sound – Srta. Fross | “Fross Boss”

Ms. Fross (aka @angelfross) is a Spanish high school teacher who shares real lessons and questions from her students directly from her actual class. This account is perfect for someone who is already in the process of learning and might have specific questions about grammar and form.

For the little ones


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♬ original sound – 🔆Spanish with Sandy🔆

With @Spanishwithsandy ‘s videos you and your kids will have fun learning to count in Spanish, how to spell and say the names of their favorite colors, and even a cleaning-up song you’ll be grateful for.

This TikToker’s videos are very educational and easy to remember. Trust us, you’ll find yourself singing “Uno, dos, tres deditos” at the office before you know it.