Adidas has officially announced the release date of their latest sneaker, a collaboration with the popular Mexico City taco shop Taquería Orinoco. The shoes will be sold through adidas CONFIRMED, an app that allows users to purchase the latest releases as soon as they’re available, starting November 17.

The new Forum Low sneakers reflect the taquería’s red and white aesthetic with sail-white uppers, red accents, and the shop’s iconic logo — an upside-down pig laying inside of a corn tortilla — on the tongue and lateral area.

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Additionally, the red and white laces are adorned with some of the taquería’s most popular menu offerings, which is complemented by a red ankle collar and a strap along the lower tongue. The shoes also come with a detachable keychain and are shipped with exclusive packaging.

The new sneakers are being released as part of adidas’ Adilicious collaborations, a campaign that has been highlighting popular restaurants from around the world. Thus far, adidas has worked with Ø27 in Berlin, Ravi Restaurant in Dubai, Yanwai Restaurant in Shanghai, and Bloody Angle Café in Tokyo, according to Hypebeast.

In an Instagram post, adidas wrote, “Authentic food. Real people. One-of-a-kind sneakers. The new limited edition Forum created by adidas, with the logo and colors of the @taqueriaorinoco. This silhouette is part of a tennis collection created by adidas in collaboration with 11 iconic restaurants around the world.”

Adidas has not yet released any pricing information about the sneakers but, considering they’re an exclusive design that will most likely be limited in supply, expect to drop a fair amount of money on these new kicks.

However, the reaction to the sneakers thus far hasn’t exactly been welcoming, with some sneakerheads and taco enthusiasts clowning on adidas for collaborating with Taquería Orinoco.

For some, the Taquería Orinoco shoes are a must-have, critics be damned!