Aquarius season is officially upon us: you know, the astrological season synonymous with being independent, philosophical, creative, and deeply concerned with the state of the world.

While Aquarians can be the life of the party and are super-impressive conversationalists, these air signs are known lovers of progress and often think about how to drive important change. Aquarius signs flow through life and feel connected to everything, making them emotional in a way most people don’t imagine them to be (they are notoriously detached, also). Still, this talkative sign is one of the most rambunctious in the zodiac, and will show off their big personalities and charming eccentricities wherever they go.

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We love these air signs so much that we just had to round up our favorite Aquarius Latinx celebrities. This list shows just how poderoso this sign is, whether matando “La Tusa” or meeting up with world leaders to incite a positive impact on our communities.

1. Shakira – February 2

Barranquilla-born Shakira is the epitome of an Aquarius sign, always showcasing her innovative, creative nature by reinventing herself time and time again. While we’ll always love her red and black wavy hair from her “Dónde Están Los Ladrones” stage, not to mention early songs like “Octavo Día” and “Ciega, Sordomuda,” her later stadium-ready songs like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Waka Waka” helped put Latinos further on the world stage — a very Aquarian thing to do. Plus, as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador she regularly meets with world leaders to pave the way for change, and her Pies Descalzos foundation is all about helping children receive an education — these air signs fiercely believe in the power of knowledge.

2. Wilmer Valderrama – January 30

We’ll always love Wilmer Valderrama, whether rolling on the floor laughing at his portrayal of Fez on “That 70s Show,” or watching him at the edge of our seats on “NCIS.” It’s no secret Valderrama has a big personality, and naturally drifts towards creative pursuits, much like almost all Aquarians. Plus, Aquarius signs are known to believe in the power of a tight-knit family, and the actor’s recent adorable comments about his fiancée and daughter make our hearts beat faster!

3. Daddy Yankee – February 3

Since we can’t even think of the reggaetonero without immediately singing “Da – Dee – Yan – Kee!,” I think it’s safe to say we’re big fans. The record-breaking Boricua broke into the music scene back in the early 2000s when reggaeton was nowhere near as popular as it is today — in fact, many people looked down upon it. The ever-pioneering Aquarian paid no mind to the haters and sculpted a star-powered, commendable career that has no signs of stopping anytime soon.

4. Eiza Gonzalez – January 30

Actress Eiza Gonzalez is another one of our favorite Aquarius signs ever, shape-shifting into different roles much like the air sign she is. La Mexicana is also very vocal about important issues in the world much like her sign dictates — particularly bullying and mental health. While she has spoken about being the victim of bullying growing up, she also talked to The Coveteur about how crucial therapy can be. She said, “I go to therapy, which I am so open about… Therapy is something that is super important to me — mental health is super important to me.”

5. Maluma – January 28

Of course we had to include Maluma, baby — how could we not?! The Colombian cantante is known for being smooth at all times, with the voice of an angel and super-catchy songs we’ll always dance to. The Aquarius sign loves to be the life of the party (of course!) but never forgets about his roots or where he came from. The singer is notoriously close to his family, particularly his mother, always stays true to his native Medellín, and is also known to give back — like when he meets with his fan and “parcero,” Bastian.

6. Don Omar – February 10

Much like Daddy Yankee, Don Omar is another innovator that rebelled against traditional radio music back in the early aughts and brought reggaeton to the masses with hits like “Dile,” “Pobre Diabla,” and “Dale Don.” We’ll never stop dancing to this pioneer’s music, who continues to release absolute bops more than two decades later. Another thing about Aquarians? They usually refuse to adhere to societal expectations and simply love to pursue their passions no matter what other people think. Don Omar will probably continue to put out songs for decades, and we’re here for it! 

7. Karol G – February 14

Is there anyone cooler than Karol G? The Medellín-born chanteuse always kills the fashion game no matter where she’s going, a true Aquarius trait, and musically? She is absolutely unstoppable. The “Tusa” singer is the perfect demonstration of una mujer empoderada who will stop at nothing to rise to the top, and we love to see it. Aquarians are known hard workers, and the “Location” singer definitely adds fuel to the argument. 

8. Fanny Lu – February 8

Singer Fanny Lu rose to prominence in the mid-2000s with radio hits like “Tú No Eres Para Mi” and “No Te Pido Flores,” which is the hallmark of an Aquarius love song. Aquarians aren’t likely to get swept up by traditional romantic gestures like flowers, chocolates, or candlelit dinners — their love language comes in the form of adventurous experiences and raw honesty. Lyrics like “No te pido que traigas flores, tampoco que me des bombones, yo solo quiero una caricia, que me digas que tú me quieres” are as Aquarian as it gets.

9. Gloria Trevi – February 15

Lastly, how could we forget about powerhouse singer Gloria Trevi? “The Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop” nabbed the title for a reason, surrounded by accolades and millions of fans since she started her singing career in the 80s. We’ve cried with some tequila in hand to songs like “Me Siento Tan Sola” and “No Querías Lastimarme,” because they’re as powerful as ballads can get. Trevi has always been vocal about being a strong woman no matter the circumstances, as Aquarians are known to be tough-as-nails.