Meet Max, The Adorable Colombian Dog Who Rides A Motorcycle And Feeds Homeless Dogs

Colombia has been making headlines recently because of the hit film “Encanto,” which won the Oscar for the best-animated film on Sunday.

But the country is also filled with the magical stories of people who try to help in their community — David Guzman and his motorcycle riding dog Max is an example of one of those stories. 

After Max’s mom died because of a firework-related heart attack, he really needed the extra company, which is why Guzman enlisted him as his favorite four-legged passenger. Guzman told the Colombian news station, Caracol, that Max would always look at him when he was heading out like he wanted to jump into Guzman’s Harley Davidson, too.

Max’s longing to ride eventually led Guzman to buy a sidecar to bring Max along with him on the motorcycle, riding through Cali, Colombia. But don’t worry, Max takes all the safety precautions necessary on his rides. Before each ride Guzman suits him up with a helmet, goggles, and an adorable motorcycle jacket!

When Max and David aren’t on the motorcycle, he can be spotted in Cali’s Parque del Perro giving out food to homeless dogs.

“I always carry a bag of food for street dogs because Dogsidecar is not only about going out with my dog on a trip, for a walk, you also have to think about the puppies that are not so lucky,” said Guzman.

But because of Max’s adorable outfit, he attracts the attention of spectators in the park who stop to take pictures with him. One observer told Caracol that the sight of Max always makes her smile and she would love to take her perrita out with her like Max. 

Guzman told Tubarco News that Max doesn’t just bring smiles to people who see him in the street, but he also serves as a therapy dog. 

“He helps people get over their problems. A girl sent me a message saying that she was able to get rid of her anxiety just by seeing Max riding with all his equipment on. Dogs are therapeutic for everyone and the way that Max is received is great because he’s a dog that really lets himself be loved,” said Guzman.

For more adorable clips of Max riding around with his helmet and motorcycle jacket, follow him on TikTok @dogsidecar or on Instagram!

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