Spending quality time with family over the holidays is one of the most special reasons for the season. Whether they’re flying in from out of town, or visiting during their winter break, make the most of that time with some fun Christmas games for your upcoming gatherings. 

The following budget-friendly games we’ve rounded up are TikTok-approved, meaning they’ll be enjoyable for every family member. A little teamwork, grit, and laughter, will prepare everyone for a fun Nochebuena in the sala!

The Candy Cane Game

Each player puts one candy cane in their mouth and uses the hook to pick up more in this festive game. To play, place a pile of candy canes on a table, and set your desired time limit for collecting. Make sure each player has a cup to keep track of how many candy canes they get. Want to make things more challenging? Use mini candy canes, or make each round less than one minute!

The Cup Game

Gather and arrange your party cups, and place some prizes underneath them. As seen in this user’s TikTok, you can put anything from money, candy, or even a shot under the cups. There are even some empty ones, but the mystery options are endless. 

Poke A Tree

A creative option that includes something for everyone is this Poke A Tree game. This TikTok user hot glued party cups onto a board in the shape of a Christmas tree and then placed prizes inside each cup. Cover the top of the cups with tissue paper, using hot glue or a rubber band. Prizes in this game can be anything from candy, money, or gift cards, or you can make it more interesting by including lumps of coal. Each player pokes a cup, and keeps whatever is inside.

Christmas Operation

A festive take on the classic board game sees players attempting to remove Christmas-themed objects from a box. Prep your box with some strategically placed washi tape, and pick out the items for it from your local dollar store. Each player takes turns using tongs to remove an object without touching the tape.

Head Turners

Here’s a game that’ll be easy for people of all ages, with a chance for the competitive family members to shine. Two players face each other and attempt to guess which way the other player’s head will turn. If the guessing player gets it correct, then the other player is out of the game. 

T-Shirt Game

For those with large families, this one’s for you! Have the family split up into two teams, and race to see who can put on and take off a giant t-shirt faster. Players form a line, and when taking off or putting on the shirt, they should link together by holding hands. This is definitely a game that’ll get everybody laughing!

Reindeer Ring Toss

A last-minute game option is this reindeer ring toss game you can find on Amazon. Although it may seem straight to the point, there are ways to make it more challenging! For example, have everyone split into two teams. The person wearing the inflatable antlers can be a moving target for the opposing team, making it difficult for them to get any points. Each team member should try to get their ring on the antlers, and the team that successfully lands the most wins.

Blindfolded Snowball Challenge

All you need for this game are lots and lots of cotton balls. Lay as many of these “snowballs” as you can on a surface, and blindfold each player. Using a spoon, they have to try to collect as many as possible in their box in under a minute. The winning player is the one who collected the most snowballs.

Pin the Face on the Snowman

This game would be great for the little ones in the family. DIY your own game board by drawing or cutting out and pasting a snowman’s head. Carefully cut out two armholes on the board, and prepare the parts for the snowman’s face. Each player puts their arms through the board, so they stick the snowman’s eyes, mouth, and carrot nose without looking.