This holiday season, celebrate with mitú as we unwrap the perfect gifts for your white elephant exchange! Teaming up with State Farm®, we’ve curated 19 budget-friendly gems under $19 that will turn your gift exchange into a spirited competition. From cozy Avocado Slippers to the aromatic Cafetera Soap by Albisa Candles, these unique finds are destined to steal the show.

White elephant parties are popular among large families, friend groups, or workplaces during the holiday season. This is a budget-friendly way to celebrate the holiday, so you can avoid the pressure to get the perfect gift for somebody. 

Everyone wraps up a gift for a white elephant that falls under the decided budget. Then, everyone gets to duke it out for mystery gifts. Most of the fun is seeing who gets what and, of course, what the hottest item of the party is.

Here at mitú, we’ve gathered 19 useful, cute, and “I didn’t know I needed that ’til I got it” gift ideas under $19 for this year’s white elephant exchange that your loved ones will fight to hold on to. 

Kitsch Heatless Hair Curling Set

Wrap up this satin heatless curling set from Kitsch for a no-heat-damage holiday. The TikTok-approved hairstyling method makes overnight curls easy, great for a busy jefa!

Avocado Slippers

Cute plush avocado slippers.
Image used with permission from Amazon.

We can bet that everyone will try to trade for these adorable pantuflas. Your feet will be cozy this winter, thanks to their memory foam padding.

Albisa Candles Cafetera Soap

Mini cafetera soaps from Albisa Candles.
Image used with permission from Albisa Candles.

If the recipient can smell this soap through the wrapping, they deserve to keep it. It’s handcrafted, shaped like a Cuban cafetera, and smells just like fresh coffee.

Hija de tu Madre Mercado Bag

Cue the nostalgia. Made of the same plastic mesh your abuelita is familiar with, this yellow reusable mercado bag is a must for your next grocery run.

Artelexia Pint Glass

This glass was made for celebrations with friends and family! Plus, the gold lettering that reads “¡Salud Mis Amigos!” makes for a nice contrast against your drink.

Don Wapo Hot Sauce

Don Wapo’s “La Zanahoria Gloria” flavor is a carrot habanero hot sauce that’ll be sure to spice up your meals. Hopefully, whoever receives this has some milk on hand…

Pan Dulce Mini Hair Clips

This 4-pack of mini hair clips from Ellie Creates shaped like pan dulces are too cute for words! Pull back your hair with a tiny marranito, empanada, polvoron, and concha.

Cactus-Shaped Bottle Opener

A gold cactus bottle opener.
Image used with permission from Amazon.

A bottle opener is always necessary, especially during the holidays. This stainless steel one in the shape of a nopal will help you get the party started with ease.

Marianella Vitamin C Collagen Boosting Sheet Mask

Skincare is for everybody, and who wouldn’t love to be pampered with a luxurious mask? Niacinamides, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber extracts from Marianella will do the trick in this one.

Aloe-Infused Socks

Aloe-infused socks from Amazon.
Image used with permission from Amazon.

These aren’t just any pair of fuzzy socks. Thanks to infused aloe vera and vitamin E, they moisturize your feet with every step you take.

Todo Verde Taco Trio Seasoning Set

The home chef in the room will want to scoop this up quickly. These al pastor, tinga, and carnitas seasonings will enhance the flavors of yummy tacos, sopas, and more.

Pedro Pascal Veladora

Pedro Pascal as a Saint on a prayer candle.
Image used with permission from Illuminidol.

The Chilean-American actor may as well be a saint, given how beloved (and thirsted after) he is. This will be a Pedro fan’s most prized possession.

Millennial Lotería: Y2K Edition

Millennial Loteria card game
Image used with permission from Amazon.

A Y2K spin on the classic lotería is a brilliant gift for someone who loves a good game night. The beloved imagery is transformed into things millennials know all too well: flip phones, dial-up, butterfly clips, and more.

Mini Electric Griddle

A mini electric griddle
Image used with permission from Amazon.

Have the most important meal of the day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert with a cute mini griddle. It’s tiny but mighty and will evenly cook whatever’s on the nonstick surface.

Reusable Stanley Cup Snack Bowl

A reusuable snack bowl Stanley Cup accessory.
Image used with permission from Amazon.

Holiday TV binging is made easy with this convenient snack bowl that slides onto your Stanley tumbler. It’s separated into three compartments for fruit, pretzels, or candy.

JZD Chingaderas Que Hacer Notepad

The perfect notepad for the new year organization exists, and it’s from JZD. It comes with 100 sheets to motivate you for school, chores, or workouts.

Prados Beauty Done With The Slay Makeup Remover

Founded by Xicana and Indigena Cece Meadows, Prados Beauty’s makeup remover gently removes all traces of makeup with its cruelty-free formula.

Pepper Core Remover

A pepper core remover.
Image used with permission from Amazon.

We love a practical kitchen tool. This stainless steel gadget easily cores and removes seeds from peppers, saving time in the kitchen.

“I Am Diosa” by Christine Gutierrez

"I Am Diosa" by Christine Gutierrez.
Image used with permission from Amazon.

Self-help books are great to read in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Gutierrez’s book is for women who want guidance in uncovering their inner strength and soul.

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