Navigating the intricate dance of motherhood and entrepreneurship, these dynamic women share their golden tips for creating a utopia amidst life’s challenges. Join us on this inspiring journey, powered by mitú and fueled by the spirit of the first-ever Toyota Grand Highlander.

For many women in business, prioritizing their well-being can be a balancing act. Wearing many hats, from mother to CEO, they’ve mastered the art of taking care of others by first taking care of themselves. 

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“Mothers are natural leaders and community builders,” Jennifer Gomez, Co-Founder and CMO at oneKIN, tells mitú. “We’re masterful at strategizing, troubleshooting, and handling multiple complex situations with a thoughtful and nuanced approach — all qualities of successful leaders.” 

For many Latina mompreneurs, motherhood has taught them patience, leadership skills, and multitasking. Esther Zeledon, founder and president of BeActChange, an organization focused on helping people achieve their dreams and follow their purpose, says statistics are on the side of hustling moms. 

“Studies show that increasing the number of women on corporate boards directly correlates to increased profitability and that women are more likely to be rated as effective leaders by both peers and subordinates,” she claims. “And if those women happen to be mothers, they are better at multitasking, show more compassion and empathy, and exhibit greater resilience and resourcefulness when challenges arise.” 

To help other Latina moms thrive, five Latina business leaders and entrepreneurs shared their secrets to meticulously creating their own utopia while handling life’s ups and downs with mitú. And yes, that includes managing chaos and still making time to prioritize themselves. Here are their nine golden tips on how they’re living grander. 

1. Engage in a centering practice such as yoga, breathwork, or meditation 

A strong centering practice is one thing mompreneurs agree on across the board. Whether it’s taking a ten-minute break from work to focus on your breathing or finding a quiet spot for meditation, these time capsules are excellent tools to get you going. 

Abril Barba, associate Vice President of BODEN, a Latina-owned communications agency with Latina moms front and center, shares how just five minutes on her meditation app makes a big difference. 

“In the evenings, after dinner and homework are wrapped up, I do try and dedicate an hour of ‘me-time’ to unwind and watch an episode of a TV series, sip a cup of hot tea, catch up on my IG feed or catch a 5 min meditation on the app,” she says. 

While commuting to work, you can also take some time in the car to set your intentions for the day, listen to your favorite music or tuning in to your favorite podcast. In the first-ever Toyota Grand Highlander, moms can decompress without the stress by asking their car’s smart system to tune in for them. 

2. Have a support system that keeps you accountable 

It takes a village to raise a child — and the women in our lives. While they juggle life, kids, and work, sometimes it’s challenging to stick to a wellness routine. However, having a support system that keeps them accountable is crucial. 

“The biggest dichotomy is we’re expected to do it all ourselves — but what I’ve seen is it’s ok to have your village help out,” Melissa Montes, owner and operator of a well-known American multinational fast food chain, shares. “I rely heavily on my village — blood relatives or not, personally or professionally.” 

Barba agrees, relying on the support of her mother. 

“I’ve been blessed that my mom has been not only my strongest advocate when it comes to career, but she’s the one who helps keep the train moving when I’m at the office,” she describes. 

Being able to rely on a vehicle that provides plenty of space and cargo for the little ones, such as the first-ever Toyota Grand Highlander, helps our support system thrive.  

“Whether it is picking up the kids at school or taking them to soccer practice, being able to depend on someone I trust 100% gives me that peace of mind that things are running smoothly at home so I can pick up where she leaves off when I walk through the door.” 

3. Let go of unrealistic societal and family expectations 

As Latinas, taking time to rest can feel unproductive, especially after seeing our families work hard without pockets of rest. 

“Like most first-generation U.S. Latinas raised by immigrant families, I struggle to fully grasp the concept of rest,” Gomez admits. “It was never modeled for me growing up, so to this day, I don’t know what rest looks like beyond sleeping in and binge-watching streaming services.” 

However, you can take care of yourself and others by letting go of expectations of “doing it all” and prioritizing your emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. 

“Over time, I had to identify tools that supported my emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being in order to navigate the ebbs and flows that come with entrepreneurship and motherhood,” she adds. 

4. Schedule and prioritize me-time, take the scenic route home 

Across the board, Latina moms are scheduling and prioritizing their “me-time.” Some moms tap into the power of technology to carve out free time. They use their Alexa devices, ask their car’s AI to help them out with calls, and rely on their calendars to ensure everything from gym time to massages gets a front-row seat. 

Luna Magic co-founder Mabel Frias says carving out time for herself is a non-negotiable. 

“After I drop off my daughter Aalia at school, the first thing I do is fill up my cup by going to the gym,” she says. “Dedicating 1 hour to myself before starting my day helps me balance myself and bring the best to my family and team.” 

She adds, “This self-ritual has done wonders for me, and I encourage parents to carve out daily time to recharge. Life is a marathon; we all need daily rituals to keep us healthy, focused, and motivated.” 

Another ritual that’s helping these mompreneurs live grander is taking the scenic route home to reconnect with their purpose. While the highway can be the fastest way of getting home, sometimes the long way is the best way. Clear your head by driving through the scenic parts of the city or town you live in. 

5. Tap into spirituality 

When handling a business, leading a team, and a family, tapping into spirituality is a way of reconnecting with oneself. Whether that’s taking time to express gratitude on your drive to work, praying before bed, or taking time to honor your ancestors, tapping into spirituality is a practice these five Latina moms encourage. 

“The reality is your well-being will often get deprioritized, so at the beginning of the month, make a list of the things that energize you and bring you peace and/or joy,” Gomez says. “Then sprinkle them throughout your calendar and stick to it.” 

6. Set boundaries and learn to say “no” more often 

To say “yes” to themselves, Latina businesswomen very often have to set boundaries. As a coach, Zeledon encourages saying “no” more often and focusing on your unique value add. 

“Society often pressures Latinas to be perfect and to help in every role we play, leading to an exhausting cycle of overcommitment and comparison,” she explains. “Rather than striving to meet these unrealistic standards, focus on what makes you unique.” 

As a small business owner with a family operating 14 locations, Montes is big on setting boundaries. 

“Set boundaries. Personally or professionally, have respectful conversations about what YOU need, what it looks like, and how it’ll work — and manage those expectations in your personal and professional life.” she shares. 

7. Customize your wellness routine 

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution or wellness routine, many Latina moms and businesswomen recommend customizing what works for you.

“Whether it’s reading, a day trip, a quick walk, practicing yoga, calling a friend, or shopping, make sure to incorporate these activities into your routine, even if it’s just for 10 or 15 minutes a day,” Zeledon says. “You might be surprised at how much of a difference a small amount of dedicated time can make in your overall well-being.” 

Aside from its benefits to your mental and physical wellness, making time for exercise can also relieve stress. Many moms in business take at least 30 minutes to go for a walk, lift weights, or take a fitness class to stay in shape while staying sharp. 

8. Prepare for the day ahead the night before 

Getting ready in the morning can be stressful, especially when you have children to tend to, but getting ready the night before can make a grand difference. If your vehicle is as well equipped as the first-ever Toyota Grand Highlander, you can benefit from its vast storage options to get things like backpacks, soccer balls, and even your gym bag in there.  

Not only will this help you de-stress, but you’ll be ready to go! 

9. Schedule vacation and quality time with your family 

Of course, family time is a key driver of personal growth and staying well. While many Latina moms work hard to have their businesses thrive, at the core, they also do it to give their families a better life. Reaping the rewards by taking a drive to a dream destination, traveling, and spending free time with them is pivotal.  

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