Nailing the right outfit can be quite an adventure, especially when jet-setting to more traditional cultures. Little wonder the tale of a young Latina during her stay in Pakistan is gaining attention on the internet.

Arianny Tenorio, a Venezuelan TikToker based in Mexico, has millions of followers and shares her global travel experiences through social media. In a video, she revealed how her journey to this Middle Eastern country pushed her beyond her comfort zone.


Así me tenía que vestir en Pakistán🇵🇰

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“In some places or cities, conservatism is more pronounced. The tourist guide reprimanded me on my first day in Pakistan because my knee was visible, and I was wearing tight pants,” she said.

She also explained there are specific locations for female tourists where showing hair is acceptable, while in others, wearing a hijab is mandatory, or women can’t enter.

In Pakistan, the dressing rules for women are strict, and Tenorio wore burqa, hijab, and niqab to blend into the culture

Tenorio discussed how strict dress rules are for women in Pakistan. There, various garments are present, such as the hijab, used to conceal the hair; the burka, enveloping their entire face with a crocheted mesh over the eyes; and the niqab, which is a veil that covers a woman’s face with a slit left for the eyes.

During her visit, the influencer had to wear all of them. About the burka, she mentioned she could walk despite her covered eyes. However, she admitted she wasn’t familiar with it, which made it challenging.

This adventure isn’t Tenorio’s first such experience to share. During a visit to China a few months ago, she dressed traditionally, following the criteria of different dynasties that ruled various eras.

In another video, she delved into India’s dress code, explaining the reasons behind women covering their faces — some driven by religious convictions, others by cultural norms, and many because of concerns about environmental contamination.


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Social Media users discuss dress code and cultural gender differences between countries from the Middle East and the West

Cultural differences between the West and the Middle East are many, especially concerning the role of women in society. Social media users didn’t hesitate to share their views about the dress code in these countries.

Some mentioned they’d rather avoid going to avoid the situation.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t dare to go. I can already see myself arguing with the guide because that cloth would make me feel hot,” said one person.

Some recounted their own experiences on a family beach day:

“At one point, my sister and I wandered away from our parents. We only had our swimsuits on when a group of men and women approached us. They started pushing and pulling at our swimsuits while shouting in their language and pointing at us,” shared another user.

Meanwhile, many believe that when you visit a country, adaptation is key.

“Obviously. Culture, tradition, and religion differ in each country, and you must adjust and follow the country’s rules,” commented another user.