Bianca Sofía Montoya is a Puerto Rican artist who just went viral on TikTok for her beautiful relationship with her abuelita. And while just chillin’ eating galletitas María and watching “Burn Notice” with our grandmas is 10/10 in our books… Montoya and her abuela “Abu La Fabu” take it up a notch.

In fact, as the multimedia artist posted on TikTok, her grandmother makes adorable matching outfits for them to wear together. As shown in the video, last week’s matching creations were aqua and red with a bright floral print — perfect for summer.

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As Montoya explained to mitú, she has a beautiful relationship with her grandma. “I have visited her every week since I was in college. She and her house are hidden treasures on a street in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, where I discover memories and stories every time I go.”

Seeing Montoya’s amazing abuelita even made her a cute tote bag to match, it’s safe to say we’re obsessed. Here’s everything to know about our new favorite abuelita-nieta fashion duo.

The artist told mitú her abuelita makes family members their quinceañera and wedding dresses

Impressed with Abu La Fabu’s creations as much as we are? Then it’ll come as no surprise that she has sewn all her life.

Montoya described to mitú, “[My grandma] has made 90% of her clothing all her life, and I remember she went to sewing classes for many years.”

Another thing? Having an abuelita that sews that well is undoubtedly una bendición. “She always made clothes for her daughters, her nieces and her granddaughters.”

“She has made us dresses for our baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, proms, quinceañeras, and weddings,” the proud granddaughter explained.

“For her, it’s super important and traditional to have a unique dress for those significant moments,” Montoya said. “I think sewing is what keeps her mind sane at 86 years old, it’s what she does day and night.”

In another one of Montoya’s TikTok videos, posted back in April, the dynamic duo showed off other matching outfits. The artist captioned the clip, “Matching Outfit Reveal 🥺,” showing her grandma’s gorgeous midi dress — and her own skirt-top combo. Those stripes! That tailoring!

They showed off their outfits while eating burritos, with Montoya explaining in the video that she brought the fabric from Peru. She actually recorded the gifting moment, too, telling her grandma: “I brought you this fabric so we can make outfits.”

“So we can make the outfits?” Abu La Fabu replies with a sly laugh. We’re dying.

As you can see in many of Montoya’s videos with her abuelita, the two constantly laugh together. They talk about their favorite foods (fried chicken and ice cream), the Spanish comic acting duo Pili y Mili, and the fact that Abu La Fabu was once a Miss Puerto Rico candidate (!).

Montoya and her grandmother’s matching outfits came together by accident

We asked Montoya how she and her abuelita got the idea to wear custom matching outfits in the first place.

“The ‘matching outfits were actually an accident. She is always in fabric stores buying materials to make things for herself, and when she has leftover fabric she offers me an outfit,” the artist explained.

“In reality, I am the only one out of my aunts and cousins who wears those elaborate fabrics she finds for $2.99 on sale,” she added. “Also, I love vintage clothing and items since I went in her closet and found the pieces she has kept for more than 30 years.”

Through Montoya’s weekly visits to her grandma’s house, and all those custom outfits made from leftover fabric, a fun video idea was born. “After she made me several outfits, I realized we had a lot of similar clothing and we had to showcase it.”


Even more, one look at Montoya’s TikTok shows her grandma also made her a handmade outfit for Christmas Eve. It’s beautiful:


Abu me hizo un outfit a mano para Noche Buena

♬ original sound – Bianca Sofía

Here they are together on Noche Buena last year:


As Montoya described to mitú, she is “super thankful for all the love [her grandma] has received” on social media.

“I have permanent memories on my social media pages of her and everyone will remember her for who she really is; Abu La Fabu!”