As kids, many of us felt like our moms were the sun in our solar system — and yes, feel free to say we had mamitis. Overly attached or not, and whether we still have mamitis today, mamás rock. We would defend our own mamis until the end of the earth, and one TikTok nail technician’s daughter did that and more.

Who else can relate to being a bit of a tattle-tale when they were little?

For example, maybe you once caught a parent lying and point-blank said: “that’s not true” in front of everyone (any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental). Well, TikToker @keniabnails‘s daughter ratted out her dad during a live video for “looking at women” — and we can’t stop cracking up about it.

This viral TikTok shows how a nail technician’s daughter sort of ruined her live broadcast

As @keniabnails explained in a viral TikTok with over 17 million views, something hilarious happened during her first-ever live broadcast.

In the clip, the nail tech is doing a manicure on a client when her young daughter walks in. The daughter says, “Mamá… Dad is looking at women.” LOL.

Her mother immediately laughs, and you can hear her client actually squeal (same). At that point, the mom reacts in the most unexpected way: “Let him be, let him distract himself, let his mind get distracted” while continuing to laugh.

The daughter replies, “No, other [women]” and continues to be noticeably concerned. All we know is that we need this kind of support from our loved ones from now on. Queen.

In a super cute follow-up video, you can finally see the TikToker’s daughter talking about the moment. The nail technician asks her daughter, “What was dad doing?” To which she replies, “Looking at women.”

Still, as the little girl explained, the women were “On a motorcycle and fell,” agreeing it was a “funny” video.

The mother then asked, “Why did you get mad and tell me dad was looking at videos of women?”

The daughter replied, “Because they are other women and they aren’t you. He can only look at you, not other women.”

While this daughter clearly has KGB-level training for keeping her dad on lock, it’s so funny that we’re here for it.

Later, the daughter reiterated that her dad “doesn’t need to see other women” because her mom “is the only one they have.” Our hearts? Melted.

The mother gave some background on her daughter’s comments

The nail technician wrote on TikTok that her daughter “always plays like that with her father” and is “super jealous” with him.

The mother explained, “She doesn’t like him seeing any video showing another woman.”

She continued, “The first time she complained about her dad, my husband was seeing a video of a woman doing nails to send to me.”

Later, she asserted just in case anyone had doubts: “Up to today, I’ve never had a discussion with my husband about cheating.”

In another funny video, the mom joked that she is “thinking of doing another live video” but still “remembers what happened the first time.”

As you can expect, many people have thoughts about the hilarious situation with her daughter.

One TikTok user commented, “My daughter better have my back like this.” While another laughed, “The mom handled this so good 🤣.”

Another user reminisced on their own experience growing up: “My [little] brother would say this when he was younger and it would be like commercials or singers on TV 😂.”

Still, other users took a more serious note, with one person commenting: “That’s how I found out my daughters dad was cheating 😭.”

Another agreed, “Mom should validate her concerns and DO something.” Yet another imagined themselves in the situation: “I would’ve been like ‘Hold up y’all, I’ll right back’ 🙅🏻‍♀️.” Where is the lie?

No matter your opinion on this situation, one thing’s for sure. As one person wrote, “Kids are the best snitches. Forget looking through his phone, send your kid with him and they’ll tell you everything.” Well, that’s one way of doing it!

As @keniabnails said it herself, “Kids don’t lie.”