These 11 Latina Small Businesses Are Making Masks Accessible And Also Very Stylish

To help halt the spread of coronavirus, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, has ordered that effective Friday, April 10, 2020, Los Angeles residents wear protective covering on their faces while outdoors. Essential employees are also required to do the same. 

Since March, residents have been struggling to find retailers that have face masks readily available for purchase. This surge of panic buying also resulted in a shortage of medical-grade face masks for doctors, nurses and other individuals in the medical field. 

Inspired by relentless workers, small business owners are doing their part to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, by making their own face masks. 

Since the Center For Disease Control recommends wearing some form of cloth to help slow down the spread of coronavirus, we have rounded up 11 Latina small business owners who are making masks easily accessible. Below are a few members of our community who you can help support while helping our universe heal from this pandemic. 

Cha Cha Covers

This brand has a wide assortment of washable, reusable face masks available. Some prints have become so popular, particularly those that show L.A. pride, they have sold out but the brand promises to restock soon. Also available in kids sizes. 

Ashley Nell Tipton

Former “Project Runway” alum and fashion designer, Tipton says she was sitting in her studio “thinking of ways to make a positive impact during this time.” Her solution resulted in a positive impact that helps elderly people in her neighborhood — a fun masks. She says if we have to wear a mask, why not do it in style? And we like the way she thinks. 

Back Stitch Bruja

This brand says they hoarded fabric for the apocalypse, but we’re glad they’re using it for a good deed. Their assortment of masks includes Coco-inspired designs as well as other fun prints with bruja vibes written all over.

Diosa Leon Footwear

This brand is selling hand-sewn face masks and with every purchase that is made, they are donating a face mask to a frontline worker. As they say, “con amor y unidad, nada es impossible” and we stand behind that statement as well. 

Heart And Sew Clothing

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This brand sells their face masks between $5-$8 as a conscious effort to make their supplies accessible to people with lower income. This business is run by a mother of two girls.

Azteca Negra

This brand is providing free cotton masks for healthcare workers and first responders in addition to masks for sale for the general public. 

Lvly Shorty

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This mother-daughter duo is hand sewing face masks with animated prints. They are based in Los Angeles and are providing free shipping with orders of three or more masks. They offer kids and adult sizes of their reusable, washable masks. 

Action VC

This nonprofit organization is giving masks away for a $10 donation. In addition, 100% of donations raised will go toward their program that purchases and delivers care packages for low-income seniors and families. 

JY Silkscreen

This Latina owned family business is assembling and customizing face masks directly from Los Angeles with an assortment of prints including one that says Chula para la Sala which is incredibly relatable right now. 

The Magick Cabinet

This brand is a wife-husband team working endless hours to provide masks to residents. They are very appreciative of the support they have received. 

Have Cats Will Travel 3

This brand has masks available for fans of the cult classic “Harry Potter.” If traditional sarape-type prints are more your style, they also have something for you. 

Thank you to our FIERCE community for nominating these small business owners. For the complete list, check out our post below:

We are forever inspired by your hustle, mujeres. 

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Chicago’s Mi Tocaya Is Offering Up Free Mexican Homemeals For Undocumented Community


Chicago’s Mi Tocaya Is Offering Up Free Mexican Homemeals For Undocumented Community

mitocaya / Instagram

Undocumented communities are being left out of Covid relief plans. Chef Diana Dávila of Mi Tocaya in Chicago is working to help undocumented restaurant worker in the time of Covid. Abuse of undocumented workers is rampant in certain industries and Chef Dávila hopes to offer some kind of help.

Mi Tocaya is a Mexican restaurant in Chicago’s Logan Square that wants to help the community.

Covid-19 has devastated the hospitality industry with restaurants being hit exceptionally hard. Restaurants have been forced to close their doors for good as the virus dragged on with no decent relief plan from the federal government. As several countries financially support citizens to avoid economic disaster, the U.S. government has given citizens $1,800 total to cover 10 months of isolating and business closures.

Namely, Mi Tocaya is working to help the undocumented community.

Mi Tocaya, a family-run restaurant, is teaming up with Chicago’s Top Chefs and local non-profits Dishroulette Kitchen and Logan Square Neighborhood Association. The goal is to highlight the issues facing the undocumented community during the pandemic.

The initiative called Todos Ponen, is all about uplifting members of our community in a time of severe need. The restaurant is creating healthy Mexican family meals for those in need.

”We asked ourselves; How can we keep our doors open, provide a true service to the community, maintain and create jobs, and keep the supply chain intact by supporting local farmers and vendors. This is the answer,” Chef Dávila said in a statement. “I confidently believe The TODOS PONEN Logan Square Project addresses all of the above and can very well be easily implemented in any community. Our goal is to bring awareness to the lack of resources available to the undocumented workforce- the backbone of our industry.”

The initiative starts in February.

Mi Tocaya is offering 1000 free meals for local farmers and undocumented restaurant workers. The meals are available for pickup Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 2800 W Logan Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647. to make this happen, Mi Tocaya also needs your help.

The restaurant has teamed up with two nonprofits to make sure that they can scale their operation to fulfill their commitment. They are also asking for donations to make sure they can do what they can to help undocumented restaurant workers.

According to Eater LA, 8 million restaurant workers have been laid off since the pandemic started. Some restaurants have had to lay off up to 91 percent of their staff because of Covid, about 10 percent of those are undocumented. In the cities, that number is as high as 40 percent of the laid-off restaurant staff are undocumented.

“People don’t want to talk about the undocumented workforce, but they’re part of our daily routine in most restaurants,” Jackson Flores, who manages the operations of Mi Tocaya, said in a statement. “They are in the toughest position in the whole economy because they’re an invisible part of it. Restaurant worker advocacy groups have added the creation of relief funds to their agendas, but there have yet to be long-term changes in protections for undocumented workers. Without access to unemployment benefits and other government resources, this group is especially vulnerable.”

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One Instagram Page Is Exposing All Of The Gay Men Willfully Breaking Covid Guidelines To Party

Things That Matter

One Instagram Page Is Exposing All Of The Gay Men Willfully Breaking Covid Guidelines To Party

ARIANA DREHSLER / AFP via Getty Images

The pandemic has dragged on for almost a year and it is getting very exhausting. However, that doesn’t mean you get to just break Covid guidelines. Gaysovercovid, an Instagram page, is exposing all of the gay men posting clear violations to Covid guidelines and it’s just so shameful.

GaysOverCovid is masterfully shaming gays who think they are above Covid guidelines.

Covid has killed more than 1,976,000 people around the world. The virus has forced governments into lockdowns to save lives. However, some people have continued to party and gather and travel with no regard for the consequences of their actions. Health officials have been urging people to avoid nonessential travel, not gather, and follow basic guidelines to keep people safe.

The account is exposing the white privilege and hypocrisy of some healthcare workers.

The vaccine is currently in circulation but the vaccine only prevents you from getting severely ill from the virus. You are still able to contract and spread the virus. The end of 2020 was a real booming moment for the Instagram page as gay men flocked in mass to Puerto Vallarta and Brazil to ring in the New Year while flouting life-saving Covid guidelines.

A lot of the men exposed quickly make their social media accounts private.

Maybe it is because they are embarrassed that they are part of the spread problem. Or maybe they are doing some soul searching after their actions. Most likely, they think that making their accounts private long enough will give everything time to blow over so they can act like normal members of society when we are finally through this hard time.

The Instagram page has even helped to expose underground parties.

Covid is still killing people. Los Angeles, where many of these gay men live, is among one of the worst outbreaks in the nation. It is so important that people keep doing their part and being responsible. We are nearing the end of Covid with vaccination plans rolling out across the nation. Be patient. be responsible. Wear a mask. Don’t travel. Avoid crowds. Do the right thing.

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