If you’ve been itching to travel to different places, see life-changing sunsets, or maybe take that trip to Walt Disney World Resort you’ve always wanted, these 12 Latina Travel experts will help you embark on your adventure in no time.

International and local travel is back in full throttle, especially now as work from home is becoming increasingly common.

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Travel and work at the same time? Discover a new destination close to your home? Take your pet with you while you quench your thirst for adventure?

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug but don’t know where to start, these 12 Latina Travel experts will help you get your adventure started in no time.

1. María Isabel Contreras Mayí – Mochilera por el mundo

María Isabel Contreras Mayí, known as @mochileraporelmundo, is a Dominican journalist documenting her travels around the world. Leaving her footprint everywhere from Colombia to Perú, her blog is an excellent place to get tips, tricks, and personal accounts of diverse places of the world. Her photographs will also make you want to book your next trip ASAP.

2. Carol Cain – Girl Gone Travel

Looking for the best stops in New York City and around the world? Then Carol Cain is your girl. The Dominican-Boricua is an award-winning travel blogger with all the tea regarding local and international destinations.

3. Stephanie Flor – Around the World Beauty

If you thought traveling meant looking drab, Stephanie Flor is changing that up. Her beauty/travel blog, Around the World Beauty, gives beauty and skincare tips for globe trotters. Also, she offers Global Beauty tours that take women exploring beauty rituals in diverse countries.

4. Jessica van Dop DeJesus – Dining Traveler

Jessica van Dop DeJesus is a Boricua serving some of the best dishes worldwide. Dining Traveler shares food recipes from all six continents while getting dish recommendations you can have at home or on your travels.

5. Taima – Poor on a Jet Plane

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy the world’s wonders, and Taima is proof of that. Her blog, Poor on a Jet Plane, has the best cheap travel tips. She also has great content for traveling as couples because who doesn’t want to go on a romantic getaway?


I’ve been holding out on this!! One of my fave spots. That I’ve been visiting for over 20 years. Lido Key is one of my fave spots and here is why you should visit. 1. Crystal Clear Water: I mean you can swim out and still see your toes. 2. Free Parking: Yes. That’s important. It’s one of the few beaches on the gulf where you can park for free. 3. The beach is huge: Which means there is plenty of space for everyone. Even on a busy day you can still find a quiet spot to chill Sunset: The sunsets here are out of this world. St Armand’s Circle: After the Beach head to St. Armand’s for a little shopping, dinner and drinks. There is so much more to do but you’re just going to have to come and see for yourself. #lidokeyflorida

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6. Dani Ramos – No hurry to get home

Dani Ramos is in no hurry to get home, and who would be when you’re traveling every corner of the world? Ramos has traveled everywhere, from Europe to the Middle East, inspiring people in their early 20s. This Mexican chica also has some of the best tips to travel to her native country, something we’re all ready to do.

7. Brenda Gisselle – Traveleira

This Boricua traveler has bilingual tips on what to pack, how, and the best products to use in Spanish and English. She also has mastered the art of travel miles, something we can all aspire to accumulate.


Como mi Skymiles Shopping nunca me falla, acabo de acumular millas gracias al toro de Ocean Park imprimiendo fotos en CVS. Aquí te cuento el truco y cuéntame si sabías que podías acumular millas así. #tipsdeviaje #tipsdeviajes #skymilesshopping #soyviajera #viajosola #tiktokpuertorico

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8. Lourdes Martin – Please, Do Tell

Venture to the other side of the world with Lourdes Martin. The entrepreneur and storyteller is living her best life as she travels the world, sometimes solo and other times with her hubby. She also founded Recuerdos Shop, where you can get slow travel inspiration, lifestyle shopping, and more done.

9. Stephanie Granados – Wanderlust Beauty Dreams

This New York-based creator is serving the best travel, hotels, and restaurant information around. Traveling solo and with company, she knows a thing or two about practical travel and group tours. She also has a zest for connecting with her audience like no one else.

10. Flavia Cornejo – Latina Traveler

Flavia Cornejo started her travels early in life when she swapped her quinceañera for a trip to Europe. Now, she’s sharing insight on managing travel, saving up, and traveling solo. As a first-gen Latina, she’s got all the juice on making adventures you’ll remember forever.

11. Sam Ortiz

This Latinx Mountaineer is sharing “plus-size tips to get outdoors.” Sam Ortiz is climbing to new heights as an adventure photographer alongside her adorable Huskie and partner. Her Instagram is both adorable and giving us major FOMO as she explores the great outdoors and captures incredible scenery

12. Mari G. – For Better and Forever

This Mexicana and her Haitian husband are here to sweep you off your feet with their tips on love and travel. For Better and Forever features couples’ adventures, cultural highlights, and a slice of true love.