The internet went absolutely crazy when pictures of Jenna Ortega smoking surfaced last week.

Some of her fans expressed their disappointment online, while others told everyone to leave the 20-year-old actress alone.

However, nobody responded to the images quite like her mother, Natalie Ortega, a nurse who isn’t messing around. Instead of letting it go, she took to her Instagram story with a series of anti-smoking posts aimed at her daughter.

Jenna’s mom Natalie doesn’t mince words(or memes) when it comes to smoking

The online discourse about Jenna Ortega smoking is one thing; being called out by her madre is another.

We expect the internet to have strong opinions about everything. But it’s a whole other story when your mom calls you out in front of more than 100,000 followers. Savage.

The memes and messages posted on the nurse’s Instagram story started a bit more lighthearted earlier this week before quickly turning into more straight-faced territory.

Natalie kicked off her memes with this image of Gollum talking about how smoking isn’t that bad for you.


However, it wasn’t all fun and games for the longtime nurse, who took a few moments to remind Jenna (and all of her followers) of the dangers of smoking.

Among those posts was an image about lung cancer rates for smokers.


Another image was less health-related and more about how smoking makes you stinky.


She posted a series of images about all the terrible things that can happen to you if you smoke. Thankfully, one Twitter user screen-recorded all of them before the stories went offline after 24 hours.

Finally, she capped off the series of posts in the most “Latina mother guilt trip” way possible:


Jenna’s Latina fans know exactly what her mom doing

There’s nothing like a Latina mom setting the record straight on who’s boss. They will go to the ends of the Earth to protect their babies by any means necessary…even if that involves sneak dissing them on social media.

With this legendary anti-smoking PSA under her belt, some Jenna stans are now becoming Natalie stans. This Twitter user was in absolute disbelief at the fact that Natalie would come after her daughter like this.

One person couldn’t help but imagine what Jenna felt watching her mom’s Instagram story.

This tweet tells us something we already know — nobody does it quite like Latina moms.

The movement to stan Natalie Ortega is beginning!

Someone else who had their parents catch them smoking says it could be much worse.

No matter how famous you are, you’re never too much of a star to have your parents scold you.