We Latinas know that when we find a good product, we’re morally obligated to share it with our besties, our primas, our tías, our hermanas—pretty much anybody we can get within earshot! This universal truth is especially valid when we’re talking about hair care products.

Straight, wavy, dry, curly, sleek, damaged, or frizz—no matter your hair type or hair concern, we’re all looking for treatments that have been proven to treat our tresses right. Which is why trusted word of mouth is so valuable. With that in mind, we sought out our own hair care recommendations from the people we trust the most: our own mitú staffers!

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With their reliable insight, we’ve compiled a list of the best leave-in treatments that Sephora has to offer. We guarantee you’ll find a product on this list that’ll leave your hair feeling hydrated and as pampered as you deserve.

1. Moroccanoil’s All In One Leave-In Conditioner

“I have really fine, damaged hair that gets tangled easily so I’m always looking for a leave-in conditioner that doesn’t weigh me down or leave my hair feeling greasy. So, I was really thrilled when I found Moroccanoil’s All In One Leave-In Conditioner. My hair has never been softer and healthier looking. It really helps with keeping my greñas from getting tangled, too. It’s a lifesaver!” —Sonya M.

2. Gisou’s Honey-Infused Leave-In Conditioner

“I’m a big fan of Gisou’s hair perfume, so I decided to give their new leave-in conditioner a try. I have naturally curly hair so frizz is always a concern, but this conditioner leaves my hair soft and frizz-free! I like to use it right after washing my hair so I can lock in extra hydration. Oh, and it smells just as gorgeous as their hair perfume does so that’s a huge plus!” —Roslyn G.

3. OUAIxByredo’s Mojave Ghost Leave-in Conditioner

“I really like to play around with my hair and try new things but between styling, bleaching, tinting, and perming, I’m pretty heat damaged. I’ve tried a lot of different conditioners but too many left my hair just as dry as it was before treatment. When I decided to try OUAIxByredo’s Mojave Ghost Leave-in Conditioner, I was cautiously optimistic but it totally blew my expectations away! Mi cabello is a million times more manageable than before. It feels smoother and more hydrated. It’s exactly what my poor hair needs!” —Esme T.

4. Bumble and bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer

“Since I get a lot of sun, I had been looking for something that would protect my hair. I already had some heat damage that was making my hair feel brittle and dry so I was really excited when I found this product. My hair has never felt silkier and I don’t have to worry about new sun damage because it protects from UV rays. It also smells really good. If you have heat damaged hair, I really can’t recommend this enough.” —Ava R

5. Mizani’s 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner

“I have 3C hair so I’m always looking for something lightweight enough to not weigh down my curls but that will also provide hydration. Finding Mizani’s Miracle Milk literally was a miracle! Now, my curls always feel super soft and springy and my hair just looks way healthier in general. I tried the mini size at first and loved it so much I bought the larger container the next day. Totally my go-to hair product.” —Silvia C.

The key to silky, hydrated hair doesn’t have to be a secret. Try out our FIERCE recommendations and every day can be an amazing hair day!