Christina Aguilera was 16 when she released her self-titled debut album in 1999. She had several hits, including “Genie in a Bottle,” which remains one of our favorites. Since then, the “Dirrty” singer has become one of the best pop artists in the industry. But when did her daughter grow up so fast?

On Wednesday, the 42-year-old shared beautiful photos of her daughter, Summer Rain, to celebrate her 9th birthday. The snapshots captured her on stage alongside her mother at a show in Israel last week. In the carousel, Aguilera also included a video of the pair singing and dancing before the crowd.

“Happy 9th birthday to our sweet Summer Rain 🌦️,” Aguilera wrote at the beginning of the post’s caption.

She continued: “Today, I find myself reflecting on how fast time has gone by. These 9 years have been filled with boundless love, heartwarming hugs, staying up too late, Disney adventures, and most recently, the joy of gracing the stage alongside you. ✨”

“Every day, I thank the universe for gifting me the privilege of being your momma, a role that stands as my ultimate accomplishment. Witnessing the remarkable young woman you are evolving into fills me with immense pride. Mommy loves you so much!”

The Grammy winner shares her daughter with her fiancé and film producer Matthew Rutler and 15-year-old Max, whom she shares with her ex-husband and music producer Jordan Bratman, NBC reported.

Aguilera is proof moms would do anything for their children

Moms are real superheroes who can accomplish any task for their children. In March, the “What a Girl Wants” singer shared another area she wanted to be skillful. She told People how Summer inspired her “to learn how to do some hair.”

“She likes to put these little pigtail braids in. So every morning, I’m up with her before school, trying to use a spiky comb to split her hair in the back,” Aguilera said. “I am no hairdresser, let me tell you, but God bless being a mom, and we’ll do anything to make our kids feel good.”

“You want to instill the message that they hold the real beauty,” she added.

Aguilera has been a longtime self-beauty advocate for young girls and women. At the time, she revealed the difficulties of raising a daughter in a social media era.

“I think it’s great to be open so that we take the stigma out of shame around beauty and making each other feel like something isn’t right,” the New York native said. “I’ve always been a preacher of feeling good about yourself, doing what’s right for you. What I do might not be for everybody, and vice versa.”

Aguilera also shared how moms can “support each other” while raising their daughters.

“There are many things that we worry about, especially as moms with social media, but I think that one of the positives is that we can really support each other, share information, and gain a lot of insight from it,” she added.

It’s empowering to see how you can thrive when you heal

A traumatic event in a person’s life can still affect them years later. According to Healthline, there are several stages one must go through during their healing journey. The truth is everyone handles things differently. However, learning to work through your trauma can be rewarding.

Aguilera opened up about her abusive and “chaotic” childhood in April. The songstress appeared as a guest on the Call Her Daddy podcast and talked about her parents’ abusive relationship. She said she watched her mother, Shelly Kearns, be abused by her Ecuadorian father, Fausto Aguilera, per People.

“I grew up in a chaotic upbringing as a very young child, always feeling like a protector and all that, and always felt isolated in my situation,” Aguilera said, adding music was a safe space for her as a child.

Aguilera shared how the domestic abuse during her childhood had “affected” her.

“At 42, I’m still affected by this. It’s under the surface,” she said. “Trauma never leaves you. You just figure out ways to try and heal it, and to me, it’s therapeutic to speak about it.”

As Aguilera became a superstar, she started financially caring for her mother and sister.

“When you’re in those situations, you grow up really fast, and you become an immediate caretaker and protector of the person that’s being hurt. So yeah, this is just kind of like my role,” Aguilera said. “All my dogs are rescues. I’m just that person that wants to help.”