Puerto Rican producer Tainy released his new single “Lo Siento BB:/”. He teamed up with Boricua superstar Bad Bunny and Mexican singer Julieta Venegas. The trio are on different wavelengths in the mind-blowing music video.

Tainy recently won Producer of the Year.

Marco “Tainy” Masís is having one of the best years in his decade-plus long career. Last month, he won Producer of the Year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Tainy also performed at the MTV Video Music Awards alongside Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. They performed their late summer smash “Summer of Love.” Now Tainy is teasing his solo album Data with “Lo Siento BB:/”.

Tainy brought Bad Bunny and Julieta Venegas together for “Lo Siento BB:/”.

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“Thank you Benito for being a beast, for trusting me, and for always being there,” Tainy wrote on Instagram. “I owe much of what I am to you. To Julieta Venegas, for inspiring so much. You are the best and I’m forever grateful. You fulfilled a dream for me.”

“Lo Siento BB:/” blends reggaeaton music with elements of alternative rock. The song opens like a ballad with Venegas singing about an extraordinary romance. Following her moment of bliss, Tainy drops the reggaeton beats and Bad Bunny takes over. Benito answers Venegas’ calls to come back with a “lo siento bb.” He clarifies that he’s not in it for love but rather fun. Tainy takes the moody bangers that Bad Bunny is known for to an astonishing and atmospheric level.

The music video for “Lo Siento BB:/” is out of this world.

The music video for “Lo Siento BB:/” was directed by Bad Bunny’s longtime collaborator Stillz, who recently shot Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want” video. Stillz brings a trippy daydream to life that connects Tainy, Bad Bunny, and Venegas. It’s one of Stillz’s breathtaking videos yet. “Lo Siento BB:/” will be included on Tainy’s debut album Data.

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