Argentine singer on the rise, Sael, just released his new single “Aja”, which is a certified party hit. The Black Koi artist talked to us exclusively at crema by mitú about his experience filming the R&B and Reggaeton track in his native Argentina and more.

Sael, born Santiago Elías Mercado Gomez, is one of the newcomers that continues to put Argentina’s Reggaeaton on the map. As the country keeps developing a strong market in terms of Reggaeton and Trap with stars like Duki, Maria Becerra and Bizarrap, to name a few, Sael is making a name by himself by crafting his own sound. At only 23 years old, Sael is a singer, songwriter and producer, learning the ropes of production through YouTube tutorial videos.

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In the music video for “Aja”, we see Sael go from waiter to performer at a bar

The video takes its cues from the song and features soft, warm hues and color palettes perfectly setting the stage for the nostalgia and longing that the protagonists feel for one another. In “Ajá,” Sael plays the part of the unassuming man who falls deeply in love with the rising starlet (Lucia Rodriguez) who is in a relationship with another man. Sael plays a waiter at a restaurant/bar in Buenos Aires who just so happens to serve the table of his love interest.

Halfway through the song, as it does with the music video storyline, the song switches the beat from R&B to a Reggaeton drum beat, portraying both sides of the story. For Sael, this song is different from everything else we’ve heard recently: “‘Aja’ is a fresh proposal in music right now. A fusion of R&B with Reggaeton that I assure you that you are going to like it. I feel that it is a song that can’t be missed at a party.”

Sael wasn’t used to this type of storytelling from director Lucas Emiliani, but he embraced it regardless. “The filming took all day and night, a long shoot but the experience was really nice. We filmed it in Buenos Aires and it was directed by Lucas Emiliani, who has been creating with me almost all of my music videos. I feel like for this particular video he took a different take with the visuals that I wasn’t used to, but at the end I felt really comfortable and I hope to keep doing it,” shared Sael.

Watch the music video below:

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“Aja” is Sael’s first release since “Me Enseñaste (Remix)

“Ajá” comes weeks after the release of his previous hit “Me Enseñaste (Remix)” featuring fellow Argentine rapper Duki and serves as the perfect thematic follow up to the song. Much like his other songs, Sael spares no expense penning rhythmic, passionate, and highly emotive lyrics detailing a heartbreaking case of unrequited love as he finds himself madly in love with a leading lady who has given her heart to another. The singer and composer also incorporates solemn beats and keys throughout the song before adding a bit of flair with the introduction of some iconic Argentine Reggaeton — something that further demonstrates his inherent and instinctive abilities as a producer as well.

Sael was signed to Black Koi Entertainment in June this year

Led by Colombian hitmaker producer Sky Rompiendo, Black Koi Entertainment signed Sael in the Summer of 2021. When asked about how is it like to be part of this label and working with Sky, Sael shared: “The experience working with Sky Rompiendo and being part of the Black Koi label is very unique. I can’t even describe it. I feel very blessed and grateful for the support that Sky and Black Koi have given me in general. I have a wonderful team that is motivating me every day so that Pibe’s dreams can become true. Estamos activos, making a lot of music and enjoying the process that I think is the most important thing.”

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