Venezuelan talent had its era in music with some of the greats, like Oscar D’León, Ricardo Montaner and Franco De Vita, who have reached legendary status in Latin music.

Nowadays, there are artists like 22-year-old Micro TDH, who has his sights set on global stardom and wants to put the spotlight on Venezuelan talent like himself that are making waves in the industry. In mitú’s exclusive interview with Micro TDH, he talked about how numerology inspired his sophomore album “9,” and what it means for him to represent Venezuela in the global music stage.

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Born Fernando Daniel Morillo, Micro TDH’s rise to fame started when he was rapping in the streets of his native hometown of Mérida, Venezuela when he was only 12 years old. For Micro, he describes himself as a constant work-in-progress: “I’d describe Micro TDH as a project with a lot of love, commitment, and consistency. Micro TDH is a versatile project, a magical project.”

Since those rap battle days in Mérida, Micro has slowly but surely gained recognition in his home country with the burgeoning rap and trap movement. He released songs like “Cafuné” and “Contactos” that put him on the music map.

Since then, his big break happened in 2018 with Piso 21’s viral hit “Te Vi,” which to date has over 470 million views on its official video. That same year, he signed a deal with Colombian producer Ovy On The Drums’ Big Ligas label and Warner Music Latina, who are behind the release of his long-awaited album “9.”

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On releasing an album named “9” on December 9, and how numerology has shaped his life:

“‘9’ has always been very special to me, ever since I was really young,” Micro tells mitú. “If we look back at numerology across my life, which I’ve been paying attention to since I was little. All of these signs around me, I started to study it and comprehend what’s happening around us and inside of us. What happens inside of us is metaphysics, which is basically the power of faith, manifestation, being conscious of the power we have in our minds. Numerology at the end of the day, is a code, lights, words, everything is connected. “9” represents me, the number 9 means ‘selfless service to humanity’, which goes a lot with my ideology and my musical project. I hope that with my magic, with my music, I can help others find their magic as well.”

On experimenting with different sounds for “9”:

From Reggaeton to Trap and Balada, Micro wants to showcase his versatility with this new album. “I want to make sure that people know that Micro TDH is a well-rounded artist, that I can be in any genre you can think of without losing my identity,” Micro shared with mitú. “At the end of the day, my goal is to share music that people enjoy. With this album, we wanted to expand and reach people everywhere, from all-ages and backgrounds. “9” encapsulates all aspects of Micro TDH, from the most commercial version of me, to the underground version of me many knew me as, it serves as a great introduction letter.”

The album’s lead single, “NEGRO MATE” is, according to Micro, that song that you dedicate to the person who turned your heart matte black and ran it over, yet you’re still willing to do anything for them, even if they’re not good for you. I tell Micro, “It’s like when you keep going back to that toxic ex,” to which Micro replied: “Exactly. Like they say in Venezuela ‘sarna con gusto, no pica’,” which loosely translates to ‘itches you enjoy, aren’t too bad.’

Putting the spotlight on Venezuelan talent in music was one of Micro’s missions for this album.

To put together a collaboration with rising Venezuelan stars like himself wasn’t an easy feat. “I actually wanted a song with even more Venezuelan talent on it, more than 10 artist to be honest,” Micro shared. The song, “En Soledad” features Big Soto, Jerry Di, ADSO and Akapellah, and is low-key Venezuela’s biggest talent assembled in recent times.

“I wanted to showcase our Venezuelan music scene, which we have been working on for a while now, and we’re working towards earning our spot in the international music industry and be recognized. It was hard to coordinate all of the talent and their teams, but I’m happy that everyone on the song is making waves. I feel like it’s showing us, Venezuelans, as a possible main player in Latin music today.”

At only 22 years old, Micro TDH is wise beyond his years, and is aware of his mission and what he can bring to the industry without losing his essence of being that same kid from the streets of Venezuela doing rap battles that dreamed of global stardom. “9” is out now, with collaborations with Pablo Alborán, Myke Towers, Lasso and more.

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