Fans know Luis Miguel as El Sol de México, but he might as well be known as El Sol del Mundo. The Mexican and Puerto Rican singer has achieved massive success in his career and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

On Tuesday, Luis Miguel took to Instagram to announce that he has just earned the title of the first Latin artist to have more than 266 songs exceed one million streams on Spotify.

In Luis Miguel’s signature laconic style, he did not caption the announcement with his own commentary, instead allowing the statement to speak for itself.

Considering the amount of uber-successful Latin artists who have captured the public’s attention over the years (Enrique Iglesias, Bad Bunny, Vicente Fernández, Selena Quintanilla), Miguel’s accomplishment is a true honor.

Part of his massive success is no doubt due to his lengthy career — spanning 40 years — as well as his recent, successful Netflix series based on his life, “Luis Miguel: La serie.” The series not only ignited fans’ devotion to his music, but exposed a new generation of fans to Miguel’s music.

Just last May, Luis Miguel announced he was the first Mexican artist to hit five billion downloads on Spotify, proving that he was having a resurgence in popularity.

Songs like “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar,” “La Incondicional,” “Culpable o No (Miénteme Como Siempre),” “Me Gustas Tal Como Eres,” and “Si Nos Dejan” run the gamut of Latin music genres. It is no wonder Miguel is so popular — he truly makes music for everyone.

Often called the “Latin Frank Sinatra,” Luis Miguel’s music career covers genres from tango to pop to mariachi. He is widely recognized as the Latin artist who reinvented boleros for a modern audience.

Despite having his career peak during the Latin explosion of the ’90s, Luismi never crossed over into the mainstream Anglo market like so many of his peers. His commitment to Latin music and his Spanish-speaking fans makes him a true Latin artist through and through.

But even though Luis Miguel has continued to see immense popularity over the years, he hasn’t released new music since 2017. On January 2, he tweeted (then deleted) a cryptic statement on his Twitter account, prompting his followers to speculate that 2022 would be the year that he finally came out of “retirement.” But he has neither confirmed nor denied his fans’ suspicions.