After becoming a star on the big screen in In the Heights, Leslie Grace is back to music with her new single “Bachatica.” The Dominican-American singer embraces her bachata music roots. The future Batgirl goes back in time for the music video.

Leslie Grace started out making bachata bops.

Nowadays Grace’s name is more attached to acting projects, but don’t forget her musical background. When she launched her music career as a teen in 2012, she was known for her bachata remakes of classics like “Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow” and “Be My Baby.” In her most recent hits, Grace was dabbling in reggaeton-pop music. With “Bachatica,” she’s back to the music that put her on the map, bachata.

Leslie Grace wrote “Bachatica” with rising Venezuelan singer Maye.

Grace wrote “Bachatica” with Viviana “Musiana” Baptista and Venezuelan singer-songwriter Maye, who we recently listed in our “5 Artists From Venezuela You Should Stream Now” list. The song was helmed by Eddy Pérez.

“Bachatica” is not completely a trapchata track but rather bachata with a light touch of trap beats. Grace’s voice is mesmerizing as she sings about a sensual romance on the dance floor. “And I dance for you in Santo Domingo to Chicago / Until your feet can’t anymore,” she croons in Spanish. It’s a welcomed return to bachata that Grace can embrace as a grown, 26-year-old woman.

Leslie Grace is giving flapper in the “Bachatica” music video.

In the music video for “Bachatica,” Grace travels back to the 1920s. After going through it with her boyfriend Ian Westwood, they appear to dance their relationship problems away in the nostalgic visual. In July, Grace was announced to be filling the role of Barbara Gordon in HBO Max’s upcoming Batgirl movie. This will be her second major film role following last summer’s In the Heights.

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