It’s not news that Anitta has become a global ambassador for the baile funk music of Brazil. And she continues to roll out music that puts this genre on the map worldwide. The newest is via her upcoming album, “Girl From Rio” which is showing Anitta’s versatility as a pop star, including the sultry song “Envolver.”

In an exclusive interview with mitú, Anitta dishes the inspiration behind her new single, what it means to proudly represent her country, and all the details about her upcoming performance.

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Anitta scored the biggest baile funk hit with Cardi B.

Baile funk, or Brazilian funk, originates from Afro-Brazilian musicians in the favelas of the country. Since breaking out in 2013, Anitta has notably used influences of the sound in her music. Last year, Anitta scored the biggest hit of the genre with “Me Gusta” featuring Cardi B and Myke Towers. When the song reached No. 91 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart, it became the first ever baile funk entry.

“Funk is like our reggaeton,” Anitta tells mitú. “This is a rhythm I was born doing. At the parties here, funk is our big urban moment. I love having the opportunity to bring funk here, like out of Brazil and make people enjoy it. I’m super glad this [movement] is happening.”

Saweetie is another superstar that Anitta recently collaborated with.

“Me Gusta” is one of the songs from Anitta’s upcoming album “Girl From Rio.” With her first LP under Warner, she’s looking to incorporate elements of baile funk into other mainstream genres. She followed-up with the song “Faking Love” featuring rising rap star Saweetie. There’s a tropical touch to their bilingual kiss-off anthem.

“Saweetie is such a sweet person!” Anitta recalls. “I told her, ‘Yo, it’s crazy because your name is exactly how you are.’ She’s very nice. I loved [working with her] and I’m very grateful for her because she was always making time for me, from promos to recording things.”

Anitta says her new single “Envolver” is a return to her lyrical roots.

The newest single from “Girl From Rio” is “Envolver.” After releasing a few collaborations, Anitta goes at it alone in this reggaeton banger. She brings the sensual lyrics of the song to life in the music video where she is seen dirty dancing with the guy of her dreams. “Envolver” harks back to sexually-liberated lyrics of her earlier songs.

“I decided to have the song with the kind of speech I used to have when I was starting my career in Brazil,” Anitta says. “I basically talk about being in control in the relationship. I’m commanding the relationship. I feel empowered when I sing songs like that. I feel like we women can take control and I just love that.”

Anitta is working with Britney Spears collaborators on her album.

Anitta is working on her “Girl From Rio” album with OneRepublic frontman and producer, Ryan Tedder. During the interview, she revealed that the Swedish pop hit-makers behind Britney Spears’ earlier hits are involved with the project. Anitta wants to demonstrate her versatility as an artist.

“I like to play with different rhythms and show other versions of Anitta, so people are going to see a lot of that,” Anitta says. “[Ryan Tedder] is such a nice guy and so talented, and a humble person. I just love him. I love the way he works. It’s pretty similar to the way I’m used to. [He’s] very practical and straight to the point. I also had a great experience with Rami and Max Martin. They are amazing people.”

Anitta is also proudly representing the LGBTQ+ community.

Not only is Anitta proudly representing Brazil in Latin music, she’s also representing the LGBTQ+ community. She is openly bisexual and lists openly gay rapper Lil Nas X as one of her dream collaborators. The queer community comprises a big part of her fanbase, which she loves and embraces.  

“I always felt like it was so important to give space in a market and an industry for the LGBTQ+ community, and also give voice,” Anitta says. “I was never embarrassed of saying I’m bisexual. I was 13-years-old when I told my mom I kissed a girl, and she was so chill about it. She never judged me, so I was always super free and super okay with my identity, and happy about it. I feel like not everyone was as lucky as I was. And the prejudice is still there so much and [it’s] so bad. I feel like it’s always important to be talking about [LGBTQ+ representation] and giving it the importance that it has.”

Anitta is performing at this year’s Latin GRAMMY Awards.

Next up, Anitta will be representing Brazil at the Latin GRAMMY Awards. She was previously nominated six times, including last year for Best Urban Song for “Rave de Favela” with MC Lan, BEAM, and Major Lazer. Anitta will be performing at this year’s ceremony that’s airing on Univision on November 18.

“I can’t say much,” Anitta says about her performance. “It’s going to be amazing. I’m super happy and excited to show you guys. I’m very happy that it’s going to be the way it’s going to be. People will be surprised.”

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