Not only is Georgel one of the artists leading the Latin R&B movement, he’s also got the perfect batch of love songs for your Valentine’s Day. The Mexican singer-songwriter released his debut EP Claro on Feb. 12 and he talked exclusively with Latido Music about it.

Georgel says Claro is an EP of “clarity and healing.”

“I started my project as a way to bring some clarity and healing after a lot of darkness, so what you hear in Claro is a letter of hope to myself, to cherish the luminosity of my soul and accepting that I deserve good!” Georgel tells us. “That life is good and incredibly worth living.”

Georgel started out as a songwriter for Mexican superstars like Gloria Trevi and Chiquis Rivera. In 2018, he released his debut single “Meteorito” that he co-wrote with his husband, music executive Guillermo Rosas. He came out as gay to the industry in the music video that featured their wedding footage.

“He’s such an inspiring force of love in my universe,” Georgel says. “My favorite collaboration with him is ‘Meteorito’ because it tells the story of how I remember the day we got married.”

On Claro, he embraces R&B en español.

In the lead-up to Claro, Georgel spent the past few years raising his profile as an artist. In 2019, he notably teamed up with openly gay singer Esteman, who hails from Colombia, for their cover of Juan Gabriel’s “Noa Noa.” Later electrocumbia king Raymix, who wasn’t out yet, joined them on the remix.

In 2020, Georgel found his groove in Latin R&B, a genre that’s emerging in today’s Latin music scene. He’s following in the footsteps of Girl Ultra, Mexico’s rising R&B star. In reggaeton music, Panama’s Sech and Puerto Rico’s Rauw Alejandro are two big names giving that genre an R&B spin.

Georgel embraced R&B with the sexy “Adrenalina” featuring Colombian rapper Nanpa Básica and the serene “Míranos” featuring Mexican-American artist Monogem. Both songs are featured in the 5-track EP.

“I feel like R&B in Spanish is a genre with many creative avenues to explore still and that excites me!” Georgel says. “There are so many new things we can play with within the soul music realm. There are so many melodies and so many ways.”

Georgel uses his music as a platform to support other indie artists.

With the release of Claro, Georgel also premiered the music video for his feel-good bop “Casa” that was produced by Latin Grammy-winner Juan Pablo Vega. Georgel shares the song with indie singer Katzù Oso. The two artists bask in the beauty of nature in the vintage-like visual. It’s timely with people staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m at home and, at the same time, how does it feel to be home,” Georgel says about the inspiration for the song. “That warmth that no building comes with, but the arms or the company of someone can give you.”

As for what’s next, Georgel is getting ready for Valentine’s day with his hubby. “As you might’ve noticed my husband and I are absolute suckers for romance!” he says. “After 10 years being together, it’s kind of an unspoken surprise that we have something planned for each other. I think this time I’m setting up a candlelight path to a bonfire by the river.”

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