There’s no doubt Bad Bunny’s newest release “Un Verano Sin Ti” is fully set to become the album of the summer, chock-full of addictive, catchy tracks like “Moscow Mule” and “Ojitos Lindos” featuring Bomba Estéreo. “El Conejo Malo” did it once again, and fans are admittedly obsessed.

With media outlets coining “Un Verano Sin Ti” as “a Caribbean love letter to Puerto Rico,” there’s no doubt the 28-year-old singer and rapper is once again using his platform to uplift his home island and show its magic to the rest of the world.

It’s not the first time he does this: many praised his 2020 album “YHLQMDLG” for featuring collaborations with fellow Boricuas like Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA, and Jowell y Randy, and bringing back “old school reggaeton” the island became known for. 

Now, “Un Verano Sin Ti” is just as much an ode to Puerto Rico, but also brings up issues the country is facing every day — like major power outages.

One of the tracks “El Apagón” delves deep into different aspects that make the island what it is today, ranging from Tego Calderón, to the “Taíno sun,” to “yet another power outage.”

Well, as Bad Bunny’s latest TikTok video shows, life imitated art on Sunday when his appearance at a Puerto Rico bar was interrupted by the light going out — even if no one was really fazed by it.

Bad Bunny’s video shows him at El Nie Bar in Trastalleres de Santurce in Puerto Rico, where he partied on Sunday with friend and fellow reggaetonero Mora, and his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri. Surprising all his fans at the bar, Benito even went up to the DJ booth and started singing and dancing to new tracks like “Después De La Playa” and “Tití me preguntó,” followed by walking through the crowd. 


MALDITA SEA! OTRO APAGÓN… ayer en el jangueo se fue la luz, normal, así es el sistema eléctrico de mi país, inservible y en cualquier momento puede fallar. Apesar de todo, el party y la vibra estaba bien cabrona y esta fue la reacción de la gente. LOS AMO CON LA VIDA 🇵🇷🇵🇷 PR ESTÁ BIEN CABRÓN!!!

♬ original sound – Bad Bunny

While everything seemed straight out of a fever dream, there was one hitch: as so often happens in Puerto Rico, the power went out. But were “El Conejo Malo” or his fans ready to let yet another “apagón” ruin their night? Not a chance. As Bad Bunny’s TikTok video shows, they all just kept partying and dancing, chanting: “Puerto Rico está bien cabrón” straight out of the singer’s new track “El Apagón.” 

The reggaetonero captioned his video by explaining the island’s situation: “another power outage… yesterday at the bar the light went out, which is normal, that’s my country’s electric system, useless and could fail at any moment.” Still, he described how “the party and vibe” kept going, writing, “I love you all with my life… Puerto Rico [is amazing].”

Fans had a wide-range of reactions to the video, with one user commenting, “Imagine singing ‘El Apagón’ during un apagón with Bad Bunny.” Others praised the singer for “bringing light to the problem” and saying “Puerto Rico deserves to have the same advantages as the U.S.” Others found inspiration in how the crowd kept the good vibes going even through tough times: “With power or without the party stills goes on,” and “There’s no need for electricity if you got sazón batería y reggaetón!”

Of course, while the video is inspirational and pretty beautiful, it still highlights a deeply difficult reality Puerto Ricans have faced for years. Hurricane María broke down Puerto Rico’s power grid in 2017, making for the world’s second longest blackout in history ever. A fire in one of the power plants led to another island-wide outage in April 2022, and the island’s residents now see the issue as ongoing and inescapable. 

As one TikToker commented, “At the root of this it’s super sad & terrible, but glad they found a way to have a good time despite the apagones.”