Brazilian DJ Alok is back with his new single “It Don’t Matter.” He teamed up with EDM duo Sofi Tukker and Romanian pop star INNA for the Spotify-exclusive banger. This trio of global acts has the perfect song for your weekend soundtrack.

Alok released the collaboration as part of Spotify’s mint Singles playlist.

Alok released “It Don’t Matter” with Sofi Tukker and INNA as part of Spotify’s mint Singles series. It’s a spinoff of the platform’s famous mint playlist that features the best electronic cuts. Recently, our favorite Colombian DJ Sinego was on the cover of the playlist. Now, Alok is leading the new mint Singles series.

“It was so amazing to work with these two talented acts Sofi Tukker and INNA on our new Spotify exclusive ‘It Don’t Matter’!” Alok said in a statement. “We wanted to bring all our individual sounds together for a truly universal track that all our fans will enjoy – one to make you dance and feel free.”

Alok’s first big breakthrough came in 2016.

Alok is most known for his sleeper hit, 2016’s “Hear Me Now.” He teamed up with fellow Brazilian producers Bruno Martini and Zeeba for the stunning and somber smash. The music video has over 381 million views on YouTube. Last week, Alok dropped his remix of Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut in the Ocean.”

INNA and Sofi Tukker have a history with Latin music.

Though she is Romanian, INNA has a history of dabbling in Latin music. In 2014, she teamed up with Colombian superstar J Balvin for one of her biggest hits “Cola Song.” The music video has over 242 million views on YouTube. INNA has also collaborated with Daddy Yankee and Yandel. Sofi Tukker worked with Colombian group Bomba Esteréo on the song “Playa Grande” in 2019. Sinego later remixed that one.

Alok, Sofi Tukker, and INNA bring on the melodrama with “It Don’t Matter.”

“We’re so excited to have a song coming out with two artists that we love and admire, Alok and INNA,” Sofi Tukker added. “We really love how global of a collaboration it is and the song is literally always in our head.”

Sofi Tukker is right about that. “It Don’t Matter” is definitely the type of song that will get stuck in your head. Alok and Sofi Tukker join forces to supply INNA with a dark disco soundtrack. INNA gives a chilling performance as she succumbs to inescapable thoughts of her lover. Like a lingering ghost, this is a haunting club anthem that’s also electrifying.

“Very excited and thrilled about the collaboration with these cool artists,” INNA added. “Turn up the volume and feel the vibe! Don’t let the music die!”

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