Bomba Esteréo Teases ‘Deja’ Album With Stunning ‘Aire’ EP

Bomba Esteréo is continuing their interesting roll-out for the upcoming album Deja. The Colombian group is teasing their LP with the release of the new EP Aire.

Bomba Esteréo is taking an unconventional approach to the rollout for their Deja album.

Bomba Esteréo first teased Deja in February with the Agua EP. The upcoming LP is split into parts that represent the four classical elements: earth, wind, water, and fire. The Agua EP includes three songs, including the funky electronic title track. Canadian-Colombian singer Lido Pimienta and Afro-Cuban duo OKAN feature in “Agua.”

“The album is about the connection and disconnection of human beings from the planet, from one’s own self,” said singer Liliana “Li” Saumet in a statement. “It’s about how we’re disconnected. More connected to electronic devices and virtual things than real things. So we decided to use the four elements, because they’re part of the equilibrium of human beings.”

Aire is the latest element to come from Deja.

The Aire EP is the second element released from the Deja album. Like air, Bomba Esteréo’s three new songs are lighter in sound. With the delicate touches of electronica, this latest collection of songs is out-of-this-world. Saumet sings about living in the present in the captivating standout “Ahora.” A refreshing tropical moment on the EP is “Se Acabó.”

The full Deja LP will arrive in July.

Bomba Esteréo’s Deja will be released on July 2. Before then, expect the rest of the element EPs in the coming months. The concept behind the highly-anticipated LP is just as interesting as the roll-out, according to Saumet.

“It’s an album that transmits joy, loss, exhilaration, and sadness all at once,” she added. “We made this album so you can dance to it at a club, but at the same time, it has a profound meaning. It’s meant for you to dance perreo with a conscience.”

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Music Videos You Need To Watch This Week: Bomba Estéreo, Mora and Jhay Cortez, Ximena Sariñana


Music Videos You Need To Watch This Week: Bomba Estéreo, Mora and Jhay Cortez, Ximena Sariñana

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Welcome to The Watch List, where we round up the best Latin music videos released in the past week that you need in your life. Check out the list below.

Bomba Estéreo – “Deja”

Bomba Estéreo’s music video for “Deja” is a trippy adventure leading you to a hidden tropical paradise. Watch and it’ll make you wish you were going on vacation.

Mora x Jhay Cortez – “512”

Mora and Jhay Cortez get to work in a body shop while singing their new collab “512”. Shout out to la bandera de PR for making a special cameo in the video.

Ximena Sariñana – “A No Llorar”

Fields. Red dresses. Choreography. Ximena Sariñana continues to push boundaries with her music and looks for her new single “A No Llorar.”


Colombian rising rapper BLESSD dropped the music video for “DE TODO”, a retrospective look on his life through the lens of his younger self back in 2010, riding his bike through the streets of Medellín.

David Bisbal, Danna Paola – “Vuelve”

Filmed between their respective hometowns of Madrid and Mexico City, David Bisbal and Danna Paola explore the struggles of long-distance relationships in the music video for “Vuelve”.

Llane, Zion & Alvaro Diaz – “Presente Y Futuro”

Llane shows off his dance moves from staircases and balconies in the music video for “Presente Y Futuro”. Zion and Alvaro Diaz also join the Colombian singer with their verses for this chill collab.

Andry Kiddos – “No Eres Tú, Soy Yo”

Venezuelan rising star Andry Kiddos continues his animated music videos from his EP ‘Confíen En Mí’, this time around dropping tearjerker video for “No Eres Tú, Soy Yo.”

El Coyote The Show, Justin Quiles, Nio Garcia, De La Ghetto – “TODOS PERREANDO”

Reggaeton OG El Coyote The Show recruited Justin Quiles, Nio Garcia and De La Ghetto for a train ride with the destination to some heavy perreo.


Houston-born Colombian-American artist Henao released the music video for her bilingual R&B single “CONTROL.”

Boza – “Ella”

Panamanian rising star Boza released the follow up to his latest hit “Hecha Pa’ Mi” with “Ella”. The music video will make you miss meeting someone at the bar, and the occasional bar fight.

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Colombian DJ Sinego on His Potent Mix of Latin EDM and Boleros in “Veneno”


Colombian DJ Sinego on His Potent Mix of Latin EDM and Boleros in “Veneno”


Colombian DJ and producer Sinego is kicking off 2021 with his new single “Veneno.” The rising star is helping put Latin EDM on the map while forging his own path in that scene. As evidenced by the intoxicating “Veneno,” he uniquely blends house music with a bolero influence. In an exclusive interview, Sinego talked with Latido Music about working with hit songwriter Dani Blau, his musical philosophy, and how he will go the distance for his art.

Sinego serves EDM with emotion.

“The best music is the music that makes you feel nostalgic, but also makes you dance,” Sinego tells mitú. “I already had that sad part, that nostalgic part [with the bolero influence] and I needed electronic music from the future that makes you dance and actually move. I think my music is like the perfect marriage of the future and the past.”

That sadness is apparent in Sinego’s past hits with titles like “Duele,” “Verte Triste” and “Nada.” In December, he adapted Argentine singer Facundo Cabral’s “No Soy De Aquí” into a wistful yet sensual dance track with Robby East.

Sinego studied classical music at the Conservatorium of Music and there was a time when he was in a punk rock band. All of those elements, that complexity of classical music, that punk angst, and the touch of his electronic mystique, are present in his work now.

“In electronic music, you can morph what’s being said so much with synthesizers and everything that’s electronic, going really deep into every single sound,” he says. “You can actually convey greater messages.”

He’s worked with acts like Bomba Estéreo and Sofi Tukker.

Like the artists who inspire him, Sinego doesn’t want his music just be played. He wants his music to connect and do something for his listeners. Sinego was fortunate to collaborate with both of his dream bands for his remix of their song “Playa Grande.”

“I get inspired by people who are doing something interesting socially,” he says. “Bomba Estéreo, I love that they were able to go mainstream internationally with music that wasn’t mainstream. Sofi Tukker, they’re collaborating with people in Latin America and empowering them. I love those acts that empower Latin artists to go further.”

He helped highlight more Latin EDM acts with the “100 Producers Project.”

Last year, Sinego was also able to embody that pay-it-forward philosophy for other Latin EDM artists. He teamed up with Mexican DJs Broz Rodriguez and Alex Berserker for the “100 Latin Producers” project, where they put together a song made by 100 DJs from Latin America, the U.S., Spain, and Portugal.

“If it’s difficult for people to work with one producer and one singer, just think about having 100 of them,” Sinego says with a laugh. “It was very complex because we had to marry [the work of] 100 producers. I’m really happy about it because in the end a lot of people connected through that project. A lot of bookings happened, so a lot of artists were able to travel to other locations and do gigs and go into Spotify and go into playlists because of that project, so it actually grew the industry.”

His co-writer Dani Blau sings on “Veneno.”

With “Veneno,” Sinego is now showcasing his co-writer, Dani Blau. After starting out as an artist, the Costa Rican singer shifted into songwriting full-time for pop stars like Danna Paola, Sebastián Yatra, and TINI. Her smoky vocals that are usually on demos get to glide over Sinego’s haunting melody.

“As a producer, I think you get the purest form of art with the songwriter singing the actual track,” Sinego says. “The songwriter gave it the feeling. That’s the person who actually felt the track.” Blau adds, “It brings back the genuine, cool feeling of writing music and being able to put it out yourself so that people can hear it.”

The song is melancholic yet alluring. In Spanish and English, Blau sings about being in the throes of a toxic romance. She can’t shake this person that’s no good for her. Sinego admits that he was getting out of a bad relationship when he started producing “Veneno.”

“We always want to write something that has a dark feeling when we write together,” Blau says. “I let the beats and the instruments give me a feeling and we took it from there. The song is a vibe. It doesn’t really matter what language I’m speaking. It carries the vibe.”

That toxicity carried through to the artwork.

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Sinego embraced that toxic vibe down to the single’s artwork. Next to his piercing green eyes are two bright blue Phyllobates Terribilis, the most poisonous frogs in the world. He borrowed the frogs from Dardo, a non-profit that protects amphibians around the world. The org will receive all the profits from the song.

“I was like, ‘Ok, the song’s talking about poison, so I shall get the most poisonous thing on my face, and if I die for the artwork, I die,'” Sinego laughs. Blau adds, “Sinego has to be like the most 360-degree creative being I have ever met. He takes it to a whole other level.”

As for what’s next, Sinego is extending his reach to Spain with an upcoming collaboration with Delaporte. “There’s more videos and music, but that are more politically and socially-connected,” he says. “It’s going to be saying a message against what’s happening in the world. More boleros coming from Mexico and Colombia. And more complex musical concepts.”

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