In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite artists around the world. The next stop in this series is Puerto Rico. Here’s the artists from Puerto Rico that are breaking through.

Kris Floyd

Kris Floyd is one of the rising stars on Tainy’s NEON16 label. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter is known for writing music other artists like Selena Gomez, J Balvin, and Lauren Jauregui. He’s also gearing up to release his debut EP La Último Vez Que Me Viste on Oct. 15. Floyd’s has a versatile flow that floats like a butterfly in the sensual “Ser Libre” or stings like a bee in “Cero.” He teamed up with Arcángel for his new single “Xkittlez.”

“I’m a fan of all kinds of music,” Floyd told mitú April. “I don’t just listen to trap or just listen to romantic songs. I listen to everything and that’s reflected in the music I make.”

Villano Antillano

Villano Antillano is giving reggaeton and Latin trap music a queer reckoning. The Puerto Rican rapper, who identifies as trans and non-binary, is pushing back on the machismo and homophobia in both genres. Antillano’s flow is fierce and goes hard in their songs like “Pájara” and “Muñeca” with Ana Macho.

“It’s very freeing to see so many artists like myself rising in the industry,” Villano said in June. “It gives me a lot of hope, and I’m even more ready to be más mala, to be that villain.”


Chesca is one of Puerto Rico’s most versatile pop stars. In 2020, she tackled Frankie Valli’s “I Love You Baby” in “Te Quiero Baby” with Pitbull. Chesca found her footing in regional Mexican music with Grupo Firme in “El Cambio (Mariachi).” Her latest single “Calor” is a sizzling reggaeton bop.

“With everything that I’ve been through, I have a voice, and I have a story to tell that can motivate so many young women,” Chesca said in April. “That’s what keeps me going.”


Like Jhay Cortez and Kris Floyd, Mora is making his mark as a songwriter-turned-artist. He’s most known for writing the hit songs “La Dificíl” and “Solia” on Bad Bunny’s YHLQMDLG album. The Puerto Rican superstar also featured Mora on his song “Una Vez.” In February, Mora dropped his debut album Primer Día de Clases. Bad Bunny and Sech later jumped on the remix of his soaring hit “Volando.”


Buscabulla are alternative music stars from Puerto Rico. The duo is comprised of married couple Luis Alfredo Del Valle and Raquel Berrios. After building buzz with a few EPs, Buscabulla released their debut album Regresa in 2020. This year, they’ve gone more mainstream thanks to being featured on Jhay Cortez’s Timelezz album. They contributed to intro of “Kobe En LA” and the song “Eternamente.”  

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