Kris Floyd Talks Writing For Selena Gomez, J Balvin, And Working “7/24” As Reggaeton’s Secret Hit Weapon

In his new video for “7/24,” Kris Floyd sings about working hard every day that he doesn’t have time for anything else. That reflects the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter’s real-life as reggaeton’s secret pop weapon. This year, he’s written for J Balvin and Selena Gomez on top of creating his own music with Boricua hit-maker Tainy. In an exclusive interview with Latido Music, Floyd talked about working with Tainy, the hits he’s written, and representing the next wave of reggaeton artists.

Kris is part of Tainy’s NEON16 collective.

“When I write for myself, I’m thinking more about what I’ve lived,” Floyd tells mitú. “When I’m writing for another artist, I’m 100 percent putting myself in their situation. I say things that other artists wouldn’t say.”

Floyd is a rising star in Tainy’s NEON16 collective. Through a mutual friend, Floyd got to know Marco “Tainy” Masís in Puerto Rico. They struck up a friendship and in Miami is where the two bonded more over music. Tainy signed him to NEON16 as a songwriter and artist.

“Not everyone has the No. 1 producer working with you,” Floyd says. “All the days we spend in the studio, it’s a blessing. It’s super to work hands-on with someone who is not only a great producer but who is also a great person.”

Kris wrote on a majority of Selena Gomez’s Spanish EP.

When Gomez trusted Tainy to guide her through her first Latin EP, Revelación, he enlisted Floyd as one of the songwriters for the project. Kris wrote on a majority of the project, including the hit singles like “De Una Vez,” “Baila Conmigo” with Rauw Alejandro, and “Selfish Love” with France’s DJ Snake.

“That was an experience that I’m equally blessed and thankful for,” Floyd says. “Working with a great team felt good. The process in general was awesome. Working between two worlds with Selena and supporting her first time singing in Spanish with great music, I enjoyed that process so much.”

Revelación debuted at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Latin Albums chart. Gomez’s Latinx fans in the U.S. really connected with the singles, sending both “De Una Vez” and “Baila Conmigo” to No. 4 on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

“Selena has such a big reach,” Floyd says. “To know there’s a lot of her fans singing those lyrics that we helped write, there are no words that can 100 percent explain that feeling. It’s something that I didn’t expect in my career.”

Kris wrote with J Balvin for the Colombian superstar’s new album.

More of Floyd’s recent co-writes include Mexican pop icon Thalía’s “La Luz” with Myke Towers and Chilean-American singer Paloma Mami’s “Religiosa.” He also had a hand in writing Colombian reggaetonero J Balvin’s recent hit “Tu Veneno.”

“We wrote that at a writing camp in Miami,” Floyd says. “[J Balvin] was there and between everyone, he was very involved. We were collaborating. That’s what I’m seeing more of in this genre, that people are more open to collaborating and working with different writers and receiving new ideas. It’s like creating a painting where everyone adds a different color to it. Working with Balvin was super duro.”

Kris has also released his own music through NEON16.

With Tainy and the NEON16 collective, Floyd spent 2020 releasing his own songs. His breakthrough was the hypnotic “Malos Habitos” with Tainy for The Kids That Grew Up on Reggaeton mixtape. He also featured on Tainy’s alluring “Falta” with Dominican-American singer DaniLeigh. Floyd’s flow can float like a butterfly with sensual touch or sting like a bee on his swaggering cuts.

“That’s what I like,” Floyd says about his dynamic flow. “I’m a fan of all kinds of music. I don’t just listen to trap or just listen to romantic songs. I listen to everything and that’s reflected in the music I make.”

“7/24” reflects Floyd’s grind as both an artist and songwriter.

In “7/24,” Floyd harnesses both of those sides to his advantage. He lets a lover down gently with the enchanting trap track. Floyd is working 24-7 to keep up his lavish lifestyle at the expense of everything else, but he hints there’s always time for a quick fling. “Pa’ mi es perfecto, babe,” he sings.

“That happens to me when I’m fully dedicated to the music,” Floyd says. “When you don’t have time for things like relationships. That’s what I was feeling. Right now it’s more about work.”

As Floyd’s first single of 2021, he’s stepping more into the spotlight with “7/24.” While his past videos were dark with the singers in the shadows, Floyd is more up-close and personal in this colorful visual. In a Bogotá mansion, he can be seen walking on a treadmill and flexing in the bathroom mirror.

With Floyd as a fresh face of reggaeton, the future of the genre is in good hands.

Floyd lists Puerto Rican OG Arcángel as someone he would like to work with next. He also mentions J Balvin again but in an artist-with-artist capacity.

“Like [Balvin], I want to work with artists who want to grow and who are hungry. Wherever my path takes me, I’ll work with whoever wants to work with me.”

Floyd promises that there’s more music and collaborations on the way. He wants to continue to generate a buzz with his own songs.

“I want to first put my music in the streets so that people can see what I’m doing and understand my vision,” Floyd says. “When someone connects and identifies with the two or three minutes of my songs, that’s something that’s super duro for me. I want my music to have a positive effect on people.”

As a new face and voice in reggaeton, Floyd is keeping the genre fresh. He sees a bright future for reggaeton despite the naysayers.

“There’s always people saying that reggaeton is coming to end and we’re showing that it’s here to stay,” Floyd says. “I think the genre is only getting stronger. It’s everywhere. Reggaeton is cultural now.”

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Nu Music Fridays: Justin Quiles, Alaina Castillo, Blessd with Maluma and More


Nu Music Fridays: Justin Quiles, Alaina Castillo, Blessd with Maluma and More

Warner Music Latina | @alaina_castillo | YouTube

Welcome to Nu Music Fridays, where we give you our best picks of the week in Latin music released on Friday, May 14th. Check out our full list below!

Justin Quiles, Chimbala, Zion & Lennox – “Loco”

Tranquilo y tropical. Justin Quiles is setting his sights on a Summer anthem with “Loco” featuring Reggaeton OG’s Zion & Lennox and DR’s Chimbala. 

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Blessd x Maluma – “Imposible Remix

Medellín en la casa. Papi Juancho continues supporting up-and-coming acts, this time around joining Medellín Reggaeton newcomer Blessd in the remix for “Imposible.”

Luna Luna feat. Pretty Boy Aaron – “Golden”

Trust me when I say the vibes of this song are immaculate. Dallas-based band Luna Luna are back with disco-pop single “Golden” featuring rapper Pretty Boy Aaron.

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Alaina Castillo – parallel universe pt 1. album

Mexican-American singer Alaina Castillo released pt. 1 of her debut LP parallel universe. Get ready to go on a 7-track R&B trip through Alaina’s music, where she talks about relationships, taking control of your own narrative and more.

Wisin, Lunay, Rauw Alejandro, Los Legendarios – “En Mi Habitación”

Wisin and Los Legendarios continue putting out bangers, this time around recruiting crooners Rauw Alejandro and Lunay for “En Mi Habitación.”

Natalia Lafourcade, Mare Advertencia, Rubén Blades – “Tú Sí Sabes Quererme”

Natalia Lafourcade released a new version of “Tu Si Sabes Quererme” alongside Panamanian legend Ruben Blades and Zapoteca rapper Mare Advertencia. Her upcoming album ‘Un Canto a México, Vol. 2’ will be released on May 28th.

Kris Floyd – “Siempre Tarde”

Perrear y llorar, anyone? Neon 16 hitmaker Kris Floyd released the follow up to his last single “7/24” with “Siempre Tarde”. Produced by Tainy and Jota Rosa, Kris sings about realizing it’s a little too late to get back with the person you really want. 

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Grupo Firme & Lenin Ramírez – “En Tu Perra Vida”

After their previous collaboration on “Ya No Vuelvo Contigo,” Grupo Firme and Lenin Ramirez reunite for another anthem that deserves not one, but two drinks, with “En Tu Perra Vida.”

KHEA & Maria Becerra – “Te Necesito”

Putting Argentina on the map. Argentinian Trap pioneer KHEA keeps showing his versatility, this time around releasing his new collab “Te Necesito” with Maria Becerra.

Juhn, Jay Wheeler – “Fragancia” 

El All Star recruited Jay Rueditas for “Fragancia”, which has a catchy beat and lyrics and is poised to blow up like “Bandido” did. 

Vale – “Para Verte”

Vale, the Colombian duet comprised of the talented twin sisters Valeria and Valentina Pérez, released their new single “Para Verte” which was produced by none other than Juanes.

Alexis & Fido, Yandel – “Te Reto”

OG Reunion: Los Pitbull Alexis & Fido team up with Yandel on “Te Reto”, which will take you back to mid-2000s Reggaeton.

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Colombia’s Manuel Medrano Talks Spreading Love And “Luz” With His Songs, Working With Nile Rodgers


Colombia’s Manuel Medrano Talks Spreading Love And “Luz” With His Songs, Working With Nile Rodgers


Since breaking out as a singer-songwriter in 2015 with “Bajo El Agua,” Manuel Medrano has dabbled in many genres. What lies at the core of his songs is a message of love that is powered by his soulful voice. In the past few years, the Colombian musician has worked with J Balvin’s collaborators and funk legend Nile Rodgers. In an interview with Latido Music, Medrano talks about his biggest hits, winning two Latin Grammys, and his new single “Hay Una Luz Dentro De Ti.”

Manuel Medrano was gifted a guitar as a Christmas present after he flunked a year in school.

Medrano became a musician thanks to his parents punishing him with a guitar after he wasn’t doing so great in school. To think that we could’ve been robbed of this great talent from Cartagena if he was given a different Christmas gift.

“I wanted another gift, but they gave me a guitar because I flunked a year in school,” Medrano tells mitú. “It was the best gift of my life. I didn’t know it at the time because I didn’t know how to play guitar or anything about music.”

Manuel won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2016.

In 2015, Medrano would break out of Colombia and onto the international stage with his single “Bajo El Agua.” The guitar-driven ballad was included on his self-titled album a year later that garnered him two Latin Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and for Best Singer-Songwriter Album.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Medrano says about his wins. “I almost fainted. That’s definitely one of the best moments in my life that I’ll always treasure in my heart. [‘Bajo El Agua’] brought me so much happiness because a lot of people in the world connected with that song.”

Despite his love songs, Manuel Medrano admits he’s not a very romantic person.

Medrano is one of the most romantic musicians out there. His songs are either the sweet side of love or the sensual side. I ask him where does that romantic energy comes from.

Medrano laughs and says, “I’m going to be very honest with you, I’m not that romantic. I think it’s the women that inspire me. The beauty of women. It’s everything they make me feel that lets me write romantic music. With love, you can transmit very beautiful things. Not just love between couples, but self-love and love for the world. That’s what can make the world a better place.”

“Mi Otra Mitad” is a bop! It’s hard to believe that some people don’t like it.

Two of Medrano’s sexier songs are “Mi Otra Mitad” and “Buena.” On the former, he’s a smooth operator over an R&B sound. Medrano’s also got the moves in the colorful music video. The departure from the old sound he admits had turned off some of his fans.

“It’s one of my favorite songs right now,” Medrano says. “It’s funny because that’s one of my songs that some people don’t like, but it’s generated a positive impact on an audience that wasn’t familiar with me before.”

In “Buena,” he worked with J Balvin’s frequent collaborators, Feid and Mosty.

In “Buena,” Medrano blended his R&B sound with a Latin trap edge. He worked on that song with fellow Colombian musicians Mosty and Feid, who are the duo behind J Balvin’s early hits like “Ginza.” This is Medrano’s bedroom banger.

“I worked with Mosty and Rafael [Arcaute],” Medrano recalls. “We did a writing session in Medellín. We invited Feid who was nearby in the city. That tremendous song came out. Feid is a huge talent in music for writing. Rafa and Mosty are beasts with producing as well.”

Last year, Manuel Medrano had his “dream” collaboration with Nile Rodgers.

Medrano is also breaking through the Anglo market. While in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, he worked with icon Nile Rodgers for the song “Cielo.” Medrano seamlessly finds his groove in Rodgers’ funky guitar rhythm.

“Mind-blowing!” Medrano exclaims about the experience. “It’s a dream come true that I worked with Nile Rodgers. I admire him. I love his work. It was a little while before I could meet him because we worked from a distance. To me, he’s a phenomenal person with a giant heart. I’ve followed his career since I was young. It was an honor.”

His new single “Hay Una Luz Dentro de Ti” is an anthem for everyone.

In April, Medrano returned with his new single “Hay Una Luz Dentro de Ti.” The message behind the empowering ballad is clear as day: everyone has their light that allows them to shine in their own way. That message Medrano mentions is for every person listening, including his fans in the LGBTQ+ community.

“It’s a message of love that’s directed at every person to keep creating a better world,” Medrano says. “It’s a message directed at respect and tolerance for love and friendship. It’s a clear message to all communities. That’s definitively my message with my music. Every time I write a song, I write it with that purpose. That it touches the heart of every person and transforms their lives in a positive way.”

On his next album, Manuel is going to keep experimenting with different sounds.

As for what’s next, Medrano says “Hay Una Luz Dentro de Ti” is the kickoff release for his next album that’s due in the second half of 2021. The album will be 13 new tracks and there will be a documentary covering how it came together. As he works towards live shows pending the pandemic, Medrano promises will be some virtual ones in the future.

“There’s the Manuel that wants to experiment, work with different people, and who wants to learn,” he adds. “Also, there’s the Manuel that people are familiar with from my first album, the singer-songwriter and guitar-player. That Manuel will always be there. Those are going to be the two facets that are present in my albums.”   

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