With a career that spans 40 years and memorable roles from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to “Men in Black,” it’s no wonder Will Smith has fans in every corner of the world. And this past week he spent some time visiting his Central American fans in Guatemala. 

The “Fresh Prince” announced his visit by posting an Instagram reel enjoying himself in the traditional Guatemalan city of Antigua. He even wrote a Spanish caption expressing his love for the Central American nation saying, “Gracias a mi Gente de Guatemala por el amor!”

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In his post, Smith can be seen posing alongside Antigua’s colonial architecture, hanging out with Guatemalan kids, getting to know musicians, buying mangoes from street vendors, and even riding in a Tuk Tuk (an auto rickshaw)!

But a lot of Guatemalans have been surprised to see the “I Am Legend” star dancing with Guatemalan influencer Lobo Vazquez, who became an internet sensation for the unique dances he choreographed to process the pain of his daughter’s death. The influencer said on Twitter that it was a beautiful coincidence to meet Smith during his visit and that he hopes Smith will bring back memories of his “beautiful Guatemala.” 

Rumor has it that Smith’s visit might be for an episode of his Disney + series, “Welcome to Earth.”

The series, which is produced in collaboration with National Geographic, follows Will Smith on adventures that he has around the world, giving viewers a new perspective on a destination they might not have known about. 

The show, which has taken Smith from a safari on the Serengeti in Tanzania to the arctic country of Iceland, has allowed him to introduce audiences to new places. He told the Washington Post that the show has a simple purpose, stating, “My mission at the start of this journey was simple: Get out of my comfort zone, connect with the planet, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.”