You may have seen the article we posted where we spoke about health and wellness with our own mitú staffers and got to hear all about the go-to dichos y remedios that their familias would provide them with when they got sick. Well, we had such a great time reminiscing with our staff about their remedies from all across Latin America that we decided to reach out to the folks who are most important to mitú: YOU! 

We asked for all the dichos y superstitions you grew up hearing from your family and you guys delivered! While there were a ton of “sana, sana” and “vaporu,” there were also a bunch of submissions that some of us had never heard before! So here are our favorite submissions we received from the mitú audience for your family’s health superstitions, rituals and remedies.

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  1. “If you get your body wet in the pool and not your head, you’ll get sick.” – Esther
  1. When you get a sty, put a bag of chamomile on your eye to help it go away.” – Carla
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  1. “My mom would cut an onion and put both halves in my socks overnight, she said it would suck out the toxins.” -Samantha
  1. “Mi abuela told me to rub rubbing alcohol all over your body when you have a fever to help it go down!” -Trina
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  1. “My mom always made me get a haircut on a full moon so my hair would grow longer/faster.” -Ingrid
  1. “If you walk around barefoot you’ll get a sore in your mouth. They called it ‘jogaso.’” -Alan

And of course, every Mexican mom knows… 

  1. “Sopa roja cures everything!” -Nick
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We’re so grateful to you all for sharing your family remedios with us!

Thanks to you, we’re now armed with more wellness remedies to fight off fever, mocos or that dreaded “jogaso.”

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So you can rest assured knowing your body is taken care of with the help of Walgreens and some sopa roja!