If you grew up playing Super Mario, then you’re probably very familiar with the Mushroom Kingdom, the ruler Princess Peach, the blorbs, the shroobs, and of course, brothers Mario and Luigi.

If you’re known to get more than a little competitive facing off against your friends and family, and will stop at nothing to make sure you’re Yoshi every single time, then a whole new world is opening up right in your backyard that you’re going to love. 

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The rumors are true: Super Nintendo World is opening up in Universal Studios Hollywood, and Nintendo fans around the globe are already marking their calendars to visit as soon as they can. 

As announced by Universal, this section of the park will open its doors sometime in 2023 (here’s hoping for January 1) and “transport theme park guests and Nintendo fans into the world of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach to become part of their compelling universe.” Even better? Universal Studios Orlando is also getting a Super Nintendo World “in the lower section of the park near the Transformers ride,” but the exact date has not yet been confirmed.

So what will the newest addition to the park offer? While it’s still under construction, the completed Super Nintendo World promises to be “a visual spectacle of vibrant colors and architectural ingenuity” and will include a “groundbreaking ride and interactive areas.”

Think the iconic Mushroom Kingdom come to life in all its rainbow-hued glory, with video game-themed shopping and dining — as in, possibly some Mario-style mustache-shaped chocolates, or finally being able to buy Princess Peach’s cute crown.

Super Mario World Hollywood and Orlando aren’t the first in the world — the idea actually already opened in Universal Studios Japan in March 2021. Primarily focusing on the Mario games, Japan’s park features real-life Mario Kart for racing, and a “Yoshi’s Adventure” ride that’s all about going on a treasure hunt.

You can also talk to Mario, Luigi and Peach, and eat at a Toad House-themed restaurant — so if Japan is any indication, Super Mario World Hollywood and Orlando will get all the gold coins from us.