Remember that fantastic teacher in Texas who turned her classroom into a flight to Mexico for her students last month? Her remarkable tale got better, and her project became a real-life adventure.

Sonja White, the first-grade teacher, pretended her class was on a Southwest Airlines flight, and guess what? The company loved the idea and made it happen.

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Okay internet you win. 🥹 After watching Ms. White’s viral video, we knew we had to give these young aviators a field trip they’d never forget! #teacher #teachersoftiktok #youngaviators #futureleaders #heartwarming #feelgood #inspiring #southwest #southwestairlines #fieldtrip #stitch @Sonja White💙🖤

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In a fun video on TikTok, Southwest Airlines shared how they invited White’s class and all the school’s first graders to their headquarters for an hour of pure excitement.

“Okay, internet, you win. After watching Ms. White’s viral video, we knew we had to give these young aviators a field trip they’d never forget,” wrote the organization. According to CBS, the day started with their arrival at the Southwest Dallas Maintenance Hangar.

During their special tour, the kids got cool gifts, learned all about planes, and chatted with the airline crew

On their exclusive field trip, the kids got up close to real planes, where aircraft technicians taught them how they function and how they’re taken care of.

But wait, there’s more. They even boarded a plane, many for the first time, and a flight attendant welcomed them with a small set of wings. While sitting and chatting, the kids built a small plane, and a pilot shared some life advice: “Always follow your dreams and stay true to your hearts.”

At the end of the tour, they also got winglet glasses and took the cutest group photo with the pilot and flight attendants outside the hangar.

The adults, including the teachers and the principal, got round-trip tickets anywhere the airline flew. Moreover, they all had a big fiesta with mariachis, delicious food, and lots of dancing.


THANK YOU!! @Jennifer Hudson Show @Southwest Airlines for this amazing experience!! #teachergoneviral #firstgrade @ColourPop Cosmetics @H&M

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“These teachers work so hard to shape the next generation of leaders, and it’s such an honor to show them some love for all the work they do,” said the company. Also donating $10,000 to the school, which Jennifer Hudson announced on her show.

The story has inspired thousands to soar toward their dreams

Inspiring stories like this one always capture people’s hearts, and many social media users expressed admiration for the teachers who inspire their students to dream without limits. On TikTok, someone said: “One of them is gonna be a pilot because of this moment.”

While another is in their feelings: “Got me crying at 10 am,” they shared.

Many people welcomed the company’s initiative: “This is how you show up to support teachers,” they wrote.

“The teacher who turned her class into a plane scored her kids a field trip to the Southwest Airlines headquarters, and all the teachers got two free round-trip tickets. I love it,” commented an X user.

Another person added: “I grew up poor in a low-income community. These things are life-changing for children”.

Meanwhile, many people confessed they felt emotional and shared their stories.

“All those kids will remember this for the rest of their lives. I still remember my first field trip in a snack factory”.