Most of us have at least some experience with optical illusions, A.K.A. that blue or gold dress that made the rounds on social media a few years back — and that we still can’t stop thinking about. Whether you saw a black and navy dress or something closer to gold and white, you probably remember the intense debate within family, friend groups, and yes, all over Facebook and Instagram. 

Optical illusions can be tricky, and a new one is making us all scratch our heads. Now, it’s not so much about colors, but shapes instead. And this time around, the way you see the image means totally different things about your personality type. 

Bright Side recently shared a video on their YouTube account examining different optical illusions and what different perspectives mean about each of us.

The one that stood out the most? This drawing that could be interpreted as a seal or donkey straight out of “Mi Burrito Sabanero”:

According to Bright Side, seeing a seal means you have an incredible natural attention to detail — you’re probably the person who remembers seemingly insignificant things about loved ones, like the way they like their coffee in the morning. You also notice everything around you at all times… so you’re almost never wrong about people you meet. 

Even more? If you saw a seal, you are a very logical person, and you usually win arguments and debates. You’re the type that can make calculations on the spot, and you’re good at math, too. With an analytical mind like yours, learning new languages usually comes quite easy.

On the other hand, if you saw un burrito, you have a very different mind than the seal crowd. Instead of being so logical and analytical, you are a “highly intuitive” person. You don’t work well under strict rules or constant supervision — instead, you love your freedom and being your own boss. 

People who see a donkey in the image are great at thinking ahead, and can almost “predict” the future — even when you make plans, you often consider other options. 

Now, some people are reportedly seeing a fish or mermaid… and we don’t really even know what to say about that!