Zoom has become the video conferencing app of choice while we are all relegated to our homes and apartments. People are using it for everything from work meetings to exercise classes to happy hours with friends. It is a way for us to connect while physically distancing. What makes Zoom more fun is the use of backgrounds and we wanted to give you some fun backgrounds to make you the hit at your next Zoom gathering.

Everyone will love seeing the caida de Edgar just hanging out behind you.

Credit: kalosmail / YouTube

This is one of the most iconic moments in Latino Internet history. The caida de Edgar was a viral video heard and seen throughout the Latino community. It is one of the most recognizable videos thanks to the hilarious pendejadas of Edgar and his friend. Question is, which one are you?

El Chavo del Ocho’s apartment building will make everyone check out your screen.

Credit: Airbnb

So many of us grew up watching all of El Chavo’s adventures. He made us laugh and brought our family together in the sala for some fun times. This will also help you figure out which of your friends get it and which of your friends need a little education.

Get nostalgic with a little Fallas looking over you.

Credit: Google Maps

Who hasn’t spent hours in a Fallas with their abuela and mom? It is one of our least favorite places when we were younger but the nostalgia is so real right now. Who wouldn’t want to spend time wandering these aisles right now?

Let them know that you are not here to play games with Soraya.

Credit: Televisa

Talk about a power move. With Soraya Montenegro behind you, anyone on your work call will realize that you are the one in charge right now. You don’t even have to watch novelas to know this iconic moment that has circulated on social media for years.

Marshalls might be closed but that doesn’t mean you can bask in its glory.

Credit: Google Maps

Marshalls is that first step into becoming an adult. Instead of buying gimmicky things for your apartment, Marshalls offers you grown-up choices at college student prices. One day, we will be able to wander these stores once again.

Morning call? Show up with some fresh pan dulces.

Credit: Google Maps

We all know that the person who brings pan dulces to the office is the most important and beloved person in the office. Now, you can be that person in your morning work calls.

Bring the activity to the weekly bestie happy hour.

Credit: Google Maps

Yes. Even grown adults love to play with piñatas. They don’t have to just be filled with candy. There are so many things we can put in the piñata to make it fun for all ages.

Or, let your friends know how you are doing in your quarantine.

Credit: mitú

That liquor collection that has been sitting idle for years is in danger. We’ve all seen the 9 a.m. margarita memes and with the lack of physical meetings and personal gatherings, it is just too easy.

Spice up any Zoom meeting with your own taqueria.

Credit: mitú

This image brings so much joy to people who love to visit their favorite taquerias. We are all stuck at home with delivery as an option but it just doesn’t give you the same feeling as watching the taquero slice the meat for the taco.

Let your friends know that you are deep into your estupideces.

Credit: Hector Cremeño / YouTube

With all of this time on our hands, it is easy to get lost in things that you probably shouldn’t be dealing with. It’s okay. No one has to know unless you want to use this Zoom background to let them know that you are, indeed, thriving.

And, above all else, be honest about your fear of being on a call.

Credit: Televisa

This could go one of two ways. Either people will find it hilarious or they will be really concerned for you. Hopefully, they just think it is hilarious.

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