Courtesy Guadalupe Avina/GoFundMe

A young Latino family was just beginning to build a life together when tragedy struck. Daniel Guerrero was driving to pick up diapers for his newborn daughter on the evening of May 16th, when he was struck and killed by another driver. Witnesses say that the driver that killed Daniel Guerrero was street racing.

Daniel Guerrero’s fiancée, Guadalupe Avina, is beside herself with grief. She is now left alone to care for her 5-month-old daughter Alyssa.

“He never came back,” Avina told reporters at KTLA 5. “I was calling him and he always answers his calls, and this time he didn’t.” Avina also said that police told her “a Dodge Charger and BMW were racing on the street when one of them lost control and smashed into Guerrero’s car, causing it to burst into flames.” According to Avina, the Dodge Charger also “blew up”. The BMW fled the scene.

Avina is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, starting by launching a GoFundMe page. The funds will go towards Daniel Guerrero’s funeral expenses and to support Avina and her baby in the aftermath of this tragedy.

“We are so heart broken with his loss,” Avina wrote on Daniel Guerrero’s GoFundMe page. “Words cannot explain how much we are hurting! Daniel was the provider for his family, he left a 5-month-old baby girl behind. We are asking if you can donate to help cover cost for funeral expenses and for his baby girl.”

She also added: “I will make sure he gets the proper burial he deserves. I will make sure our baby girl grows strong and healthy. I will forever keep his memory alive.”

Family, friends, and well-wishes have so far donated over $20,000 to help Guadalupe Avina out in this trying time.

“This is a tragedy, so uncalled for,” wrote one donor. “His baby girl will never know her daddy, it makes me so sad.”

Daniel Guerrero’s cousin, Judith Carvajal Guerrero, took to the page to add her own tribute to the late Daniel Guerrero. “Remembering the things we did together as kids puts a smile on my face and happiness in my heart,” wrote Carvajal Guerrero. “As we grow up, even if we don’t see each other or speak often, those memories always keep us in touch. R.I.P. dear cousin.”