Many of us have adopted a dog at some point in our lives. They’re great company, provide protection, and are absolutely adorable. Plus, they help comfort us in a dog-eat-dog world.

Although we typically have to leave our furry friends at home when we go off to work, have you ever thought about what it would be like if you had another dog waiting for you at the office?

Well, businesses in Colombia have started adopting dogs to provide company for their employees and a little more joy to the workplace. Thanks to the non-profit pasantes de cuatro patas, or four-legged interns in English, businesses throughout Colombia can make their offices a little happier by temporarily adopting a dog for their office. 

According to the nonprofit’s website, it’s the only program in the world where dogs are rescued and brought to businesses for the internship positions of “Director of Smiles.”

The business serves as a temporary home for the dog until they find a permanent home for the animals. 

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After a business applies for a four-legged intern, the non-profit works with animal rescue foundations to bring companies their new furry co-worker, complete with an adorable uniform and name tag.

They then post pictures of the dog on social media to help get the word out that the dog is up for adoption. Then when the dog finally finds a permanent family, the internship ends and the company can look for a new furry intern!

In a report by Telemundo, employees at a design company in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, said that the dogs have made the workplace a happier place and help combat stress at work.

The program provides a solution to businesses with employees who may be reluctant to go back to work after the pandemic, all while providing company to formerly homeless dogs — which is a big issue in Colombia. The program has gotten the support of well-known brands too, including Mastercard, Colgate, Fabuloso, and various universities. 

While the program is only in Colombia for now, there’s hopes it will expand to other areas in the world.