Celia “Sally” Gonzales, the 66-year-old grandmother of Robb Elementary School shooter Salvador Ramos, has been released from the hospital a month after the May 24 shooting that left 19 students and two teachers dead, CNN reports.

Gonzales was Ramos’s first victim — he shot her in the face before taking the family’s truck and making his way to Robb Elementary.

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Her discharge was confirmed by University Health San Antonio’s Twitter page, which referred to a 66-year-old woman in relation to the Uvalde shooting:

On the day of the shooting, Gonzales was able to call for emergency services herself, after sustaining a bullet wound in her jaw that would require her to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Her cousin, Jason Ybarra, explained that the bullet hit her “jaw just next to her mouth and shattered all her teeth,” according to the Independent. He continued, “If the bullet was an inch in another direction, it would have blown her head off.”

Ramos’s grandfather Rolando Reyes confirms that on the day of the shooting, Ramos and Gonzales got into an argument over the phone bill. Ramos then waited for Reyes to leave the house before shooting Gonzales. Later, Reyes would reveal the blood-stained walls inside the family home.

A different report from the Independent released last month claims that Gonzales actually tried to remove Ramos’ gun from the home a few days before the shooting took place.

She was reportedly unhappy with having guns in the house, leading to another argument between the two. It’s unclear if Ramos shot her, days later, because of this argument or because of the argument regarding the phone bill.

According to HuffPost, there’s only one victim from the Robb Elementary shooting still in the hospital, a 10-year-old girl whose condition was upgraded to “good” around the same time Gonzales was released from the hospital.

A 9-year-old victim was also discharged earlier this month.

Gonzales’s daughter Natalie Salazar has set up a GoFundMe for her mom’s mounting hospital bills and expenses.