Screenshot via YouTube

Recently, there seem to be endless stories going around about gun-owners being reckless with their firearms. Over the weekend, a Houston, Texas woman became one of those reckless people.

24-year-old Angelia Mia Vargas tried to shoot her neighbor’s dog when he escaped his house and ran towards her and her son. But instead of hitting the dog, she accidentally shot her 5-year-old son.

The entire ordeal was caught on video through the dog owner’s Ring doorbell camera. In the video, you can see the dog, 6-month-old Bruno, escape from his house and run down the drive way. Bruno’s owner (who does not want to be identified) is close after him, calling his name. The dog does not appear to be violent or agitated. But within seconds, gunshots ring out. People begin to scream.

According to Bruno’s owner, Angelia Mia Vargas, her husband, and her son were riding bikes down the street. When she saw Bruno running towards her, she pulled out her small caliber pistol and tried to shoot him. Instead, one of the bullets ricocheted and hit her son in the abdomen. The boy was rushed to the hospital with injuries that were, thankfully, non-life-threatening. The dog’s leg was grazed, but other than that, he is fine.

Bruno’s owner feels terrible about the little boy being hurt but is also frustrated at the young woman’s actions.

“She could have handled it differently,” he said. “You know, she was there, her husband was there, I was there, nothing would have happened. Nothing bad like that.” The unidentified dog owner says he is suffering from nightmares after witnessing the violent event. “I was asleep and I had a dream hearing the little boy crying, and that’s what woke me up when I was sleeping yesterday,” he told local news outlet ABC 13.

Based on Angelia Mia Vargas’s actions, it’s obvious that the young woman was scared. But based on the video footage, the dog was not even the least bit aggressive. The fact that this 24-year-old woman is so easily scared and so quick to fire a gun in a low-threat situation says something about her responsibility as a gun-owner. It is also odd that Vargas felt the need to take a small caliber pistol with her on a neighborhood bike ride in the first place.

Police have charged Angelia Mia Vargas with deadly conduct and discharge of a78 firearm. The dog-owner was also issued a citation for having a loose dog.