Perhaps more than any other voting cycle in recent history, the 2020 election is proving to be one defined by policies that will greatly impact generations to come. From electing officials committed to backing affordable healthcare to examining policies that will affect funding for schools around the country, we’re voting for the future. And when we talk about the future, there’s no more pressing issue than that of climate change. 

There’s no disputing that our Earth is in danger. Overactive hurricane seasons, uncontrollable wildfires, record-breaking low and high temperatures, and the shrinking ice shelf are just some of the obvious signs. What’s worse is the impact these already have on marginalized communities. If something isn’t done—and soon—our world will become uninhabitable within the next 30 years

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That simply isn’t an option.

While we as average citizens do our part to help the environment in small ways, it’s not enough. What it’s really going to take in order to save our planet is some big moves from the top. Specifically, it’s going to take people in our government who believe there is a threat and who pass climate saving legislation. In order to elect these much-needed allies, we need to Vote Like a Madre. 

The Vote Like a Madre campaign is dedicated to making and keeping one very crucial promise: to vote for candidates who believe in climate change and who will fight to reverse it. Madres and eco supporters from all over the country are taking the initiative to be active in this year’s election. This means researching the candidates’ environmental platforms and voting early or on November 3rd.

If you have already vowed to Vote Like a Madre, you’re in great company! Tons of people just like you have already made the pledge to vote for candidates who believe in climate change and who vow to combat it. Whether they’re celebrities, influencers, educators, or simply conscientious voters, they are showing up and making their vote count. And that’s an achievement worth recognizing. 

Among those who have taken this vow is dedicated madre and actress Constance Maria. On a post shared on Instagram, she showed her commitment to voting for the future by sharing the promise she made with her daughter

The post’s caption proves that for Maria, duty and love are the motivation behind her pinky promise:

“I LOVE my little girl. OK, She is almost my size but still…MY job is to protect her and her future! I pinky promise to do everything⁠ I can to make sure our generation leaves her clean air to breathe, healthy water to drink, and a planet that is healthy!⁠” 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! As guardians to the future, our job is to protect the kids of tomorrow AND today. There’s no better way to do this than by making sure they have a healthy world to grow up in. 

Creative writer and proud mamá Jacqueline Hernandez Lewis also showed off the vow she made with her little one. Lewis posted a pic of herself and her son—adorably dressed in matching denim—locked in their pinky promise. 

Her caption perfectly details the personal impact behind voting for the future:

“Change starts somewhere, in whichever ways—and with us. So much of what I do and why I do it is for my kids. I don’t just wish for a better, changed world for them—I am trying to help make it happen. Our future depends on it!”

Like Hernandez, we all have the ability to be the catalyst for change. In this case, taking that first step is as simple as making a promise. However, its impact can be monumental. 

It isn’t just mothers of young children who are answering this call to action. Artist Denzel Bryan and his mom also shared their participation in Vote Like a Madre with a smiling pinky promise pic. 

The artist also posted profound words about the ideals instilled in him by his Afro-Honduran mother:

“My mother sacrificed so much as a young Latina woman from Honduras to make sure she raised me into a man that has a voice and stands for his beliefs. She has instilled a fighter spirit in me and my siblings, and she will make sure that she upholds her integrity in order to #VoteLikeAMadre.”

Just as Bryan wrote, we have within us the ideals of our ancestors. Add to those the dreams of our children and we’re left with a huge responsibility to do good.

Besides inspiring women to get involved in this election, Vote Like a Madre has even inspired some gorgeous art. In partnership with nonprofits such as the CLEO Institute and Latino Victory Project, Latina artist @art_by_me._ painted this stunning mural. It serves as an encouragement for madres everywhere to vote for candidates who will fight for our environment and for future generations. Proudly displayed in Downtown Orlando, the mural is a visual reminder that the wellness of Earth is in our hands. 

The Vote Like a Madre campaign has generated a lot of promises but they can easily be broken if we don’t follow through and vote. Early voting is available in 40 of the 50 states in the US. Check out how you can vote early, or vote early by mail before November 3rd. You can also lookup where to cast your vote.

Remember, the fight for our future is only a ballot away.