Texas was ravaged by several tornadoes on Monday, with the National Weather Service keeping a tornado watch in effect for the state until Tuesday, 8:00 A.M. CDT. While several cities were struck, Elgin saw some of the tornadoes’ worst effects — and there’s a video circulating social media to prove it.

Photojournalist Brian Emfinger surely never thought he would film one of the most remarkable tornado videos in recent history — but that’s exactly what happened on Monday. Seemingly driving through the tornado on an Elgin highway himself, Emfinger caught a red truck on camera braving the storm.

The video shows the massive tornado lifting up all kinds of objects and debris into mid-air while the red truck attempts to drive through.

Suddenly, the tornado flips the truck on its side, sending it in a tailspin that looks straight out of an action movie. Miraculously enough, the red truck is then flipped upright again by the tornado — and is able to drive out of harm’s way.

It’s no wonder the photojournalist captioned the video saying, “this is a story about a red truck and a tornado…. I CANNOT believe they drove away like that.” RT.

Other parts of Texas were severely hit by tornadoes as well, including Taylor and Round Rock. In fact, dozens of homes were irreparably damaged, with 20 tornadoes being reported through both Texas and Oklahoma.

60,000 still didn’t have power on Tuesday, and up to 80 homes were destroyed in Jack County alone.

While nine people in Jack County suffered minor injuries, leading the county’s Office of Emergency Management Manager Frank Hefner to say “God’s hand was at work at keeping protection,” a 73-year-old woman in Sherwood Shores died after her home was destroyed on Monday. Meanwhile, 10 other people in the county are at hospitals for injuries. 

Others shared more videos of the tornadoes in varying places, including a now-viral video of a tornado hitting a Round Rock Walmart. Posted on Twitter and captioned with, “I don’t get paid enough for this sh*t,” the video shows people frantically running into the Walmart as the tornado gains more power — all the while debris flies around and a car gets flipped over. 

With even more people showing equally terrifying photos of tornadoes, such as this one south of College Station, it’s clear the past two days have been a harrowing time for Texans and Oklahomans alike.