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Texas Senator Rafael Edward Cruz has had a myriad of nicknames in his lifetime, “Ted” being one of them. He has also gone by Cancun Cruz. But now, another he’s going by another nickname that he’s none too happy about: Kremlin Cruz.

The entire debacle started when MSNBC reporter Brian Williams dedicated a segment to Sen. Cruz’s latest Twitter shenanigans.

On Thursday, Cruz posted a recruitment video for Russian’s military juxtaposed with an ad that a U.S. military recruitment ad. In response to the videos, Cruz wrote: “Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea….”

The Russian military ad showed burly, cold-eyed men with buzz cuts working out and jumping from planes. The American military’s ad showed scenes of a gay couple getting married, a gay-pride parade, and a young woman training at a boot camp.

Brian Williams called Ted Cruz’s pro-Russia Twitter post a “remarkably stupid lapse in judgment.”

“By all accounts, Ted Cruz did not like the nickname ‘Cancun Cruz,’ though he tried joking about it, acting like it didn’t matter,” Williams said. “He really won’t like being called ‘Kremlin Cruz’ after his latest and remarkably stupid lapse in judgment.”

Williams continued: “Remember, as you watch this, just how much Ted Cruz dreams of president of….a country one day. Perhaps not this country, for reasons like this.” But Brian Williams didn’t stop there. He continued: “[The Russians’] disinformation is all over our media already and it quietly tears us apart…” said Williams. “Imagine how happy it makes [the Russian government] to have yet another advocate among Republican members of the Senate?”

Obviously, Brian Williams’ new nickname for Ted Cruz struck a nerve. The Texas Senator released a series of fiery tweets lashing out at the MSNBC anchor.

“Is there a more pitiful example of corrupt corporate media than Brian Williams?” he started his rant. “He was fired as the anchor of NBC Nightly News for ‘misrepresenting events which occurred while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003.’ Now, he’s a left-wing hack at MSNBC.”

“Now, he’s throwing a hissy fit that I criticized the ridiculously woke video that the Biden admin put out. Williams accidentally told the truth, when he describes it as ‘a video meant to diminish the U.S. military.’ TRUE. That’s the problem. (The Pentagon put it out.)””

“Now, with his trademark ignorant snark, he’s dubbed me ‘Kremlin Cruz.’ Three problems: (1) I hate communists, my family was imprisoned & tortured by communists, and Brian is a shameless apologist for Russian (and Chinese and Cuban) communists,” wrote Cruz.

Cruz continued: “I was arguing that our military needs to be able to kick the ass of Russian soldiers. It’s Brian & his lefty comrades that are working relentlessly to diminish the effectiveness of the U.S. military—the finest fighting force on the face of the planet.”

…That’s a lot of words for someone who ostensibly doesn’t care about this “left-wing hack”.