Election day is tomorrow and both parties are sprinting towards the finish line. Author, journalist, and former teacher Shea Serrano is pushing hard for a Biden administration. It goes beyond politics for Serrano who just wants the country to get better and heal after four hard years.

Shea Serrano is ready for a Biden/Harris administration.

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Serrano is not on Biden’s side because he loves Biden. The author was a Sanders supporter during the primary elections but Biden’s clear victory was all it took for Serrano to throw his support behind the Democratic nominee.

“I believe in a Biden administration because it’s not a Trump administration,” Serrano said in a phone interview. “That’s literally all I needed was that. Just don’t be that thing and I’ll vote.”

Like so many, Serrano was aware that a Trump presidency would be bad for the U.S.

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“The thing is that, as soon as Trump got elected. I was not voting from him in 2016. I just knew that it was going to be bad. All of the non-white people were like, ‘Hey. This is going to be real bad. Can you help us out here?’ Then he got elected and we just saw it over and over again,” Serrano recalls of President Trump’s victory. “It was his very first day of his campaign when he did that Mexican immigrants are rapists thing. Immediately you knew, ‘Okay. I get it.’”

Serrano remembers learning more and more about Trump’s history. Specifically, Serrano was learning more and more about President Trump’s past on race relations. As a real estate developer, President Trump was sued by the Department of Justice, along with his father and Trump Management. The DOJ sued Trump for racial discrimination for not renting to Black Americans.

President Trump’s relentless attack on the Central Park 5 after the attack continues to weigh heavy.

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At the time, President Trump paid for a full-page ad calling on the death penalty for the Central Park 5 that we later learned were wrongfully charged. Trump has never apologized for his smear campaign against the exonerated men. Trump’s racist past and his dog whistling administration motivated Serrano to be more engaged and active in politics.

As for Latino men gravitating to Trump, Serrano just doesn’t understand it. After years of family separations and children being lost, Serrano doesn’t know what it would take to make people vote against Trump.

He does have hopes that a Biden administration would be better for our community.

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“If I could put together a wish list, I would like to see some sort of immigration reform. I would like to see an easier path to citizenship. I would like for all of my DACA homies not to have to go to sleep terrified that they’re going to be booted out of the country or that their family members are going to be. I would like to see that,” Serrano says about his own hopes for a Biden administration.

Serrano added: “I saw a thing pop up the other day where Biden said he would put together a task force to reunite those 540-plus kids who still don’t know where their parents were that had been separated. I’d love to see something like that happen. I would like to see some kind of police reform or defunding, like redirecting those funds to something that’s a little more proactive in the community or productive in the community.”

Even if Biden was not your first choice, Serrano still believes Biden is the best choice for the U.S.

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It’s go time, America.

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“I was the same way. I didn’t vote for Biden. I voted for Bernie. But, again, we already know what it is. We know what four years of Donald Trump looks like. We know. We know for certain. We know without a shadow of a doubt what it looks like because we have all lived through it,” Serrano says.

The first four years of Trump’s presidency left several communities scared and vulnerable. Serrano wants to make sure we come together to protect everyone.

“None of us are in better positions mentally. Maybe some of us are financially. But mentally, I haven’t seen some of my family members in seven to eight months because of this guy. It’s just bad. We know what the price of a Donald Trump presidency is and we just can’t afford to pay it anymore. You just can’t,” Serrano says. “It doesn’t matter who the other person is. It just doesn’t matter because they’re not as bad as Donald Trump. If that’s how you have to think about it then think about it that way. It just can’t be this thing anymore. It just can’t.”

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