The Satanic Temple is taking a stand in favor of reproductive rights after Texas’s recently announced restrictive abortion law. The law, signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, signed into law a “heartbeat bill” aimed at restricting a woman’s right to safe and secure abortions.

The Satanic Temple is suing Texas to challenge its new abortion law.

Texas’s latest attempt to undercut women’s rights comes in the form of one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation. According to the new law, abortions are banned for pregnancies after six weeks. This is before most women even know that they are pregnant making it nearly impossible for women, mainly low-income and women of color, from accessing safe, secure, and legal abortions.

People are grateful to see The Satanic Temple standing up for people’s rights.

The law sparked outrage across the country as several states continue to undermine women’s rights. It is the latest in a series of legal challenges trying to create laws that can stand up in court. It isn’t a coincidence that this law came into existence at this time.

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to take up a case about a 15-week abortion ban passed in Mississippi. The case is being considered the first step to undermine Roe v Wade and start to roll back reproductive rights for women across the country. The 15-week ban proposed by the Mississippi law is two months earlier than Roe, and other court decisions on abortion, allow.

This isn’t the first time that The Satanic Temple has taken a stand using religious freedom.

According to The Satanic Temple’s website, the religious group is fighting Texas based on religious freedom.

“The abortion ritual (1) requires an abortion; and (2) affirms her religious subscription to TST’s Third and Fifth Tenets. But before Ms. Doe can get her abortion–and therefore participate in the abortion ritual–the government has required that she get a sonogram… [ These ] requirements substantially interfere with Ms. Doe’s religious beliefs and practices for two reasons,” reads a statement from The Satanic Temple’s attorney on the site. “First, the requirements are a precondition to Ms. Doe’s ability to participate in a religious ceremony. It is a substantial interference per se for the state to place a regulatory hurdle–one that costs money–in front of a religious exercise. The state might as well tax and regulate Mass.”

This might actually help The Satanic Temple’s membership grow.

By using religious freedom laws against conservatives, The Satanic Temple is protecting the rights of various groups. This time, The Satanic Temple is trying to help women in Texas to their right to safe and legal abortions.

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