Update January 21, 2021

There are Republicans that are trying to save the party and many have joined The Lincoln Project. The organization was started with the intent of getting Donald Trump out of office. Now that they have succeeded there, they are targeting other politicians that they think need to go, including Sen. Ted Cruz.

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The Lincoln Project is going after what they have deemed to be the Jim Crow Caucus.

The Lincoln Project has named Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Josh Hawley, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, and Sen. Ron Johnson as the members of the Jim Crow Caucus. Sen. Cruz and Sen. Hawley are the most recognizable members as they are the ones blamed with assisting the insurrection. A bipartisan group of senators and representatives are calling on the Senate to invoke the 14th Amendment and expel the senators. The 14th Amendment allows for the expulsion of politicians who participate in an insurrection.

Jim Crow refers to the anti-Black racist laws passed by cities and states after the Civil War. These laws sought to legitimize racism throughout the south by robbing Black men, women, and children of basic rights. Those who sought to overturn the elections by challenging electoral votes were directly trying to undermine Black voters.

Original: As 2020 drags on, the campaign for the U.S. presidency is still going. President Donald Trump is hoping for another term though polling shows him far behind Joe Biden as the months go on. One Republican organization is pushing for President Trump to lose the election. The organization is called The Lincoln Project.

Republican organization The Lincoln Project is going after President Donald Trump.

A group of Republicans, Kellyanne Conway’s husband among them, have joined forces to go after President Trump in the 2020 election. The organization is using Trump’s own actions and words to create ads to criticize his actions. One ad goes after his willingness to downplay the severity of COVID-19 leading to thousands of preventable deaths.

“We are Republican, and we want Trump defeated,” reads the website.

Some people on social media have compared The Lincoln Project’s videos to President Trump’s own energy when he attacks opponents. Supporters of The Lincoln Project, according to YouTube comments, appreciate the organization’s willingness to go low when Trump goes low.

They have attached his legacy to the argument over the Confederate flag.

The ad calls out the history of the Confederate flag and what it represents: treason. The flag was flown by people trying to destroy the U.S. and leave the nation. The Lincoln Project asks why Trump would support a flag flown by losers and treasonous people, especially since it is often seen in his rallies. The wide use of the Confederate flag at Trump rallies is not only attaching Trump to that legacy, but also the Republican Party.

The organization is really not holding anything back.

The economy, rapid unemployment, and a bungled response to COVID-19 are all anchors The Lincoln Project is putting on the Trump campaign. The president is in trouble in the polls with Biden leading in several reputable polls. Even notoriously conservative polls have placed Trump behind Biden in the race for the White House.

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