Peso Pluma has just postponed several upcoming concerts amid alleged death threats from Jalisco’s CJNG cartel.

The CJNG cartel, also referred to as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, allegedly hung three “narcomanta” banners around Tijuana, Mexico this week. The banners, placed in different areas of the city, made frightening threats directed at Peso Pluma.

One banner read: “This is for you, Peso Pluma. Abstain from performing on October 14 because it will be your last show.” This made reference to the “Ella Baila Sola” singer‘s upcoming concert in Tijuana’s Estadio Caliente.

Tijuana’s mayor, Montserrat Caballero, said they are still determining whether to cancel that concert. Still, it seems like Peso Pluma isn’t taking any chances — and just postponed several upcoming shows.

The CJNG cartel allegedly threatened Peso Pluma for “being disrespectful”

The banners that Jalisco’s CJNG cartel allegedly placed around Tijuana made menacing threats towards Peso Puma.

One banner read: “For being disrespectful and having a loose tongue if you perform, we will [kick your a**].”

Mexican authorities removed the banners, and have since detained one person in connection to the incident. Still, Tijuana mayor Caballero still noted the potential “risk” factors of Peso Pluma’s upcoming concert.

“If there is a risk for the audience, it could be canceled,” she stated. The mayor also noted how the singer’s narcocorrido-inspired songs— including “Siempre Pendientes,” which name-drops El Chapo— could be a reason for the threats.

She said that cartels “may get angry, and unfortunately, those who suffer the consequences are the people who want to assist the concerts and be at risk.”

And yes, it’s that same risk that seems to have led Peso Pluma to postpone his upcoming shows.

These are the upcoming concerts Peso Pluma has postponed so far

As shown on Ticketmaster, the “Tulum” singer has postponed several of his upcoming shows. One look at the website shows that his concerts in Indiana, Alabama, Milwaukee, and Rosemont have all been postponed.

Meanwhile, his September 16 concert in Indianapolis, Indiana’s Old National Centre and September 30 show in San Diego, California’s Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre have both been canceled.

As TikTok user @yuni_exploringchicago described in a recent video, “I wonder if it’s because of the death threats he’s been receiving from the cartels.”

“These shows are here in the U.S., so I didn’t think he would cancel [the] shows. But this literally just happened in the last few hours.”

And yes, Peso Pluma’s Ticketmaster page is looking pretty sad right now:

Over on X, people are feeling just as forlorn about the recent Peso Pluma concert cancelations. One user wrote, “I was looking forward to [the concert]”:

With Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum arena sharing news about the concert postponement, several X users are feeling heartbroken. One user explained just how sad they felt: “I literally bought the tickets last night.”

Birmingham, Alabama’s Oak Mountain Amphitheater recently shared news about Peso Pluma’s concert postponement, too:

And as a Peso Pluma fan from Chicago noted, that Rosemont Theatre show is sadly “TBA” as well. At least they still have those El Buki World Tour tickets!

As one X user wrote about the news, “[It’s] likely due to the cartel threats he’s received. This sucks.”

And yet another user is all of us right now— cue all the heartbreak emojis. Safety first, though!