New Mexico 19-year-old Alexee Trevizo is accused of leaving her newborn in a hospital trash can, where he was found dead by a hospital custodian.

According to KRQE, officials accuse the woman of giving birth in an Artesia General Hospital bathroom, where she placed the baby in a bag and hid him in a trash can.

While Alexee Trevizo told police the baby died at birth, an autopsy showed air in his lungs. The baby boy also had injuries indicating suffocation.

As per Artesia Police Department, Trevizo was arrested and charged with first-degree murder or, alternatively, intentional abuse of a child resulting in death. She has also been charged with tampering with evidence.

Moreover, released body cam footage shows Trevizo saying at the hospital, “I’m sorry… It came out of me, I didn’t know what to do.”

Everything to know about New Mexico teen Alexee Trevizo’s murder charge

According to Carlsbad Current-Argus, Trevizo went to Artesia General Hospital in January 2023 for back pain. As per the outlet, the teenager denied being pregnant, even after a positive pregnancy test.

Hospital staff say the 19-year-old then went to the hospital’s bathroom. Authorities accuse Trevizo of giving birth in the bathroom, tying him in a trash bag and placing him in the trash. As per Law and Crime, the baby was found dead in the trash.

The official autopsy revealed the cause of death as homicide caused by a lack of oxygen.

The hospital custodian that found the baby’s corpse told authorities, “When I picked it up, I realized it was a little heavier than it would be with just like, toilet paper and a trash bag in there.”

They recalled, “So, I looked in there… and said ‘I think the baby’s in there.’”

Body cam footage at the hospital obtained by Law and Crime shows Trevizo at the hospital bed accompanied by her mother.

A hospital staff member tells them, “We discovered a dead baby in the bathroom.”

Trevizo replies, “I’m sorry… It came out of me, I didn’t know what to do.” The mother then exclaims, “I told you about this. I just asked you, baby, to tell me the truth.”

The 19-year-old then says she was “scared,” saying, “It was not crying or nothing.”

Notably, abortion is legal throughout pregnancy in New Mexico.

Alexee Trevizo was arrested and released on $100,000 bond, pleading not guilty

As shown in the released footage, a medical professional explained to Alexee Trevizo at the hospital bed, “In terms of delivering a baby, and it looked like you tried to hide it, we do have to have the police involved.”

The young woman replied, “Nothing was crying, it came out with nothing.”

Later in the video, Trevizo’s mother is informed that the baby was “full-term.” At that point, the 19-year-old repeats: “Nothing was crying.”


Alexee Trevizo arrest footage. Snippet footage of mother of Alexee Trevizo in argument with Sheriffs before Alexee getting arrested. She allegedly gave birth to her baby in a locked hospital bathroom and hiding it in a trash can where nurses later found it deceased. Alexee is arrested for Homicide and tampering with evidence #alexeetrevizo #fyp #news #arrested

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Police later inform them that authorities were detaining Trevizo.

Fast-forward to May and officers arrested Trevizo at her home. At the time, she was booked on a first-degree felony charge.

The arrest footage shows the moment police knocked on Trevizo’s door to arrest her. The woman’s mother opens the door, asking, “What is she under arrest for?”

Police reply there is “a warrant for her arrest,” explaining it is “on the account of homicide and tampering with evidence.”

The mother questions, “Tampering with evidence? At the hospital?” Later in the video, police arrest Trevizo.

The New Mexico 19-year-old has been released from jail on $100,000 bond. She is not required to be on house arrest or wear an ankle monitor but does have a curfew.

Trevizo awaits a jury trial in her murder case on October 2, 2023.