51-year-old Mexican woman Blanca Arellano was murdered in Huacho, Peru after traveling for love. 

Arellano met 37-year-old Peruvian medical student Juan Pablo Jesús Villafuerte on a gaming app during the pandemic. After speaking online, the woman traveled on July 27 to the beach city of Huacho to meet Villafuerte in person. 

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However, everything took a turn for the worst. The Mexican woman’s niece Karla Arellano wrote on Twitter that her aunt disappeared on November 7. The young woman wrote, “Today I ask for help to locate one of the people I love the most. My aunt Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutiérrez disappeared Monday November 7 in Peru, she is Mexican, we fear for her life.” 

Arellano said she was “happy” alongside Villafuerte

In a thread, the woman’s niece explained how her aunt was “happy to travel and meet her boyfriend.” The couple “had a longtime online relationship” and Arellano said she was “happy” and “calm.” 

However, by November 7, Arellano stopped posting on social media. Worried, Karla messaged Villafuerte to ask about where she was. She explains that the family began fearing for her aunt’s life when they received a suspicious reply from him.

Villafuerte replied, “I haven’t heard from her for several days, she decided to leave.” He said he “couldn’t give her the life she wanted” and that she got “bored” of him. The medical student assured he didn’t “know anything else about it” while also saying Arellano’s cell phone had “surely stopped working.”

Yet, as the woman’s niece puts it, her aunt would never “disappear like that, and even less without letting them know.” 

Villafuerte’s messages became more defensive

The Twitter thread shows how Villafuerte’s messages became angrier. He told Karla, “That is all the information I can give you… I have to go on with my life.” The man later messaged, “I wasn’t her boyfriend… my only crime was giving her money so she could eat.” He continued, saying the woman was in a “bad mental state.”

Days later, Peruvian investigators found a cut-off finger without fingerprints on the beach. Equally important, the finger still had a silver ring on it, which was identical to a ring Arellano often wore.

Body parts were found on Huacho’s beach

As reported by El País, fishermen found a head without a face and an arm on Chorrillos beach on November 9. By the next day, they found a torso without organs.

Then, on November 15, Authorities searched Villafuerte’s home and found blood in several places, like the bathroom and mattress. They also found women’s clothing.

On November 17 in Villa El Salvador, authorities arrested the medical student. They accused him of femicide and organ trafficking. Meanwhile, authorities have hinted that he might have not acted alone. 

Villafuerte reportedly posted videos on his TikTok page analyzing human organs. He posted videos of a human stomach, brain, and a pancreas. It is unknown whether the organs are linked to Arellano.