To our mitú community,

First, we want to thank you for your patience as we complete our investigation. This incident weighs heavily on all of us at mitú. It is in complete opposition to our mission of inspiring, elevating and serving the Latino community. We are committed to taking every measure possible to prevent this from happening again. 

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We have terminated our relationship with the writer that inappropriately lifted Esoteric Esa’s original work for HipLatina, and assure you he will never write for mitú again. We strongly encourage the writer to offer an apology to Esoteric Esa.

The writer submitted the article to mitú as his own work, which turned out to not be the truth. While we had no knowledge that the writer plagiarized another writer’s work, the article we published did contain errors that should have been caught and questioned, and led us to investigate further. We hold ourselves to highest ethical standards and we are taking the following measures to ensure this does not happen again:

1. We are accelerating the implementation of plagiarism detection software for all new and existing editorial content on, beginning with this writer’s articles.

2. We are instituting an additional round of editing and fact-checking on all editorial content moving forward.

3. We are hiring external consultants to strengthen our editorial policies and practices for our internal staff as well as all contributing writers.

We offer our sincerest apologies to Esoteric Esa and to HipLatina. We value Esoteric Esa as a creator and an individual of the Latino community. We have reached out to her privately and hope to repair what this incident has caused. We respect HipLatina as a fellow publication dedicated to inspiring and empowering Latinas, and will continue to root for more voices and publications to positively impact and portray our Latinx communities.

Suanny Garcia, Editor-In-Chief

Wendy Barba, Executive Director

Vanessa Vigil, General Manager

Stephen Brooks, President