A 12-year-old boy in California died after playing with a gun a friend brought to his sleepover. The tragic death has shaken the community and devastated the young boy’s family.

Max Mendoza, 12, accidentally shot himself during a sleepover.

A California family is mourning the sudden and tragic death of a young boy who accidentally shot himself. According to a police report by the Chula Vista Police Department, Mendoza was found with a visible gunshot wound at the Woodland Hills Condominium Complex at 9:10 a.m on July 3. The young boy appears to have shot himself with the handgun brought by a friend while in the apartment and the family moved his body outside as they waited for the police to arrive.

“Even though he was only 12, you would talk to him and you would feel like you were talking to someone your age,” his sister Macy Mendoza told Fox 5 San Diego. “He was so mature for his age. He was so wise beyond his years.”

The shooting is another tragic loss in the evergrowing gun epidemic in the U.S.

Max was transported to local hospitals in the San Diego, California area but died of his injuries. According to People Magazine, the police have interviewed the teen who brought the gun to the party. The police are working to determine the handgun’s owner and how it got into the hands of the teenager.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with the unexpected funeral costs.

Credit: Aida Mendoza / GoFundMe

“He had a heart twice the size of the average kid. He was always willing to share whatever little he had with his classmates even if they weren’t his closest friends,” reads the GoFundMe started by Aida Mendoza, Max’s mom. “Max was a kind-hearted kid. He was willing to step up and help anyone at any time.”

Descansa en paz, Max.

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