New Mexico-native Jason Wiggins and several others attacked Las Vegas taco truck Casa Del Sabor last month, injuring several vendors including 76-year-old employee Don Victor.

Vendors caught the attack on video, and quickly made the rounds on social media — with our comunidad calling for justice.

After setting up a GoFundMe for injured vendors Lázaro Alberto Correa and Don Victor, TikTok user Edin Alex Enamorado took it one step further by confronting Wiggins after his court appearance on April 3.


We confronted Unicorn today. Funny how they’re not as tough anymore. S/o to @riversidecountyaccountability who was down for whatever with me too today. And for those ready to give ME A lecture about how we go about things… GO GIVE THAT LECTURE TO PEOPLE THAT ATTACK STREET VENDORS. #ProtectStreetVendors

♬ original sound – Edin Alex Enamorado

As you can see in the recent TikTok video, Enamorado confronted Wiggins as he seemed to be leaving the courthouse. He opens the conversation with, “You like hitting street vendors?” to which Wiggins replies, “You’re foul for that” (Foul for posting it? Okay). Later, the video clarifies how Wiggins’ 19-year-old son was allegedly the person who attacked the 76-year-old vendor, but Wiggins refers to his son as “a child — as if he didn’t know any better. By the end of the clip, Enamorado tells the attacker, “Vales v*rga,” which might just be poetic justice.

Everything to know about the Las Vegas taco vendor attack


We’ll be in Vegas in a few days. S/o to my brother @barber_james702 out in VEGAS going out there to check up on them today. Support @ #ProtectStreetVendors

♬ original sound – Edin Alex Enamorado

As you can see in the video of the attack, several people assaulted the vendors at the Las Vegas taco truck Casa del Sabor on March 6. Los Lunas, New Mexico-based Wiggins and several others allegedly instigated a violent fight with the employees that night. As reported by 8 news, Wiggins (dressed in a unicorn hoodie at the time) became “loud and aggressive” towards the vendors.

The fight soon broke out, where you can see attacking the vendors as they attempt to defend themselves. At that point, a female employee began recording the fight on her phone, which reportedly angered the attacker. In the video, you can see Wiggins try to snatch the phone forcibly away from her.

As Enamorado explains, the elderly Don Victor tried to “deescalate” the fight, but attackers ignored his attempts. In fact, they also hit him — leaving him with an injury on his face. Even more, another one of the attackers told the vendors: “You ain’t even from America.”

While Wiggins was the only man charged for the attack, videos show others took part in it as well. His 19-year-old son is allegedly the person who injured the elderly vendor, while Enamorado says another man severely threatened them.

After the attack, our community came together to help the vendors


We’ll see you on April 3rd Jason Wiggins, and we’ll see ya’ll tomorrow. #ProtectStreetVendors

♬ original sound – Edin Alex Enamorado

After the attack, a GoFundMe was put up for the injured vendors, which seems to have already reached its goal. Even more, Enamorado helped put together a special buy-out to support Casa del Sabor. There, people from the community visited the stand to dance, help, and eat until selling them out. As reported by Las Vegas Review Journal, the event included people dancing to live music, others bringing out their low rider cars, and everyone eating delicious food. Even a boxing trainer made his way there, teaching the vendors proper defense.

Videos show how people brought posters supporting the victims of the attack, and even pitched in through donation boxes.


Sadly this is the 5th Buy Out in less than 21 days but the communities are not slowing down showing full support. S/o to everyone that came through. #ProtectStreetVendors

♬ original sound – Edin Alex Enamorado

During the event, Casa Del Sabor’s owner Ivan Valenzuela told the outlet that the attack made him feel like his “heart was ripped out of [him].”

They also all hope for justice. As Valenzuela explained: “It doesn’t seem right to me that there are no consequences for a crime, because it was a crime…That’s all we’re fighting for.”

After the attack, Wiggins was arrested and charged with attempted larceny from a person, five counts of battery, and one count of resisting a public officer.