Don’t call it a meltdown.

Cell phone depictions of entitled white women saw an extreme uptick in 2020. Amid COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests, the pejorative term “Karen” saw a surge in use and was often paired with terms like “meltdown,” “pools,” and requests to “speak to the manager.” You’ll call these people what you want, but also always be sure to call them what they are: entitled and racist.

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During her verbal attack earlier this month, Lisa Zohner protested the notion she was a racist while also calling a Black woman a monkey.

The video of the white woman shopping at a Ross Dress for Less shows her going off on a racist diatribe.

The video, which was shared to TikTok by user @maddens.mama, is captioned as, “Karen tests my sister the MANAGER. Seek help boo.”

Zohner can be seen in the clip screaming at a Black woman by the entrance of Ross. Unlike the Black, the manager Zohner is not wearing a mask and is irate, having lost her sense of calm. (If she ever had it.)

“You ignorant mother f**king b***h is what you are!” she yells at the Black woman. In response, the manager replies, “Please leave.” Zohner shoots back, screaming, “Call it racism!” and “F**k you, you f**king Black b***h.”

“Okay, that doesn’t bother me,” replies the manager, to which the customer screams, “F**k you!”

“Okay, have a good day,” the manager replies. Just as the woman leaves, she spins around and screams, “sitting on the porch like a f**king monkey.” The manager shoos her away, telling her to “Get out!”

The TikTok poster claims the incident occurred in Louis, Missouri.

Users were quick to identify the woman in question as Lisa Zohner and even shared her Facebook profile which has been marked as private.

“This racist was last seen in St. Louis, MO, yelling at a Black woman and calling her a “monkey,’” one user posted about the video. “Nobody should ever have to deal with that. Major props to this queen for the way she kept her cool.”